Science & Technology

Can We Become Immortal?

By Stefan Klein

Learn about the person behind the science, and the discoveries of aging within biological research.

The Aliens Are Coming!

By Ben Miller

Science has shown it's no longer a question of "do aliens exist?" but rather "when will we contact them?"

A Physicist’s Perspective of Early Atomic Research

By Dan Zak

Amid WWII, the race for nuclear power became paramount after the German scientists had mastered fission. A week later, American scientists successfully accomplished the same feat and questioned the far-reaching consequences.

The Lost Picture Show

By Marty Perlmutter, from IEEE Spectrum

After embracing magnetic tape storage, Hollywood archives struggle to keep pace with technology.


Learning From the Man Known Only as 'Him'

By Jeanette Der Bedrosian, from Johns Hopkins Magazine

First-year medical students still rely on cadavers to learn anatomy.

Potato, Interrupted: Genetic Engineering for Disease Resistance

By Nicole Miller, from On Wisconsin Magazine

Almost every cultivated variety of potato is susceptible to late blight, except a genetically engineered variety developed in the late 2000s.

“We Are As Gods…”

By Eric Utne

Stewart Brand has become the techno-industrial state’s highest-leaping cheerleader.