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    Submission Guidelines

    Thank you for your interest in Utne Reader. We accept three kinds of submissions: previously published articles (from independent sources); books, films, and CDs (for possible review); and artwork submissions. As a reprint-driven publication, we no longer accept query letters for original story ideas. 

    Know of a publication that should be part of the Utne Reader library? Contact Editor in Chief Christian Williams, or send sample copies to his attention, c/o Utne Reader, 1503 SW 42nd St., Topeka, KS 66609.

    Press releases may be sent to editor@utne.com or mailed to our offices.

    Previously Published Articles 

    Many of the articles in Utne Reader are reprinted from the hundreds of magazines, newsweeklies, newsletters, and literary journals we receive regularly, and we welcome previously published submissions. (Yes, this includes online sources.) We do not accept fiction or poetry. 

    Our Gleanings department, which features eclectic, often personal, occasionally humorous pieces, traditionally offers the best reprint odds. Most “gleanings” fall between 800 and 1,800 words. Emerging Ideas, which covers social, political, and cultural developments, reprints brief items (150-350 words) as well as short-format articles (generally no longer than 800 words). The Mindful Living department showcases information about healthy, reflective, productive lives, and also reprints brief items and short-format articles. Our Mixed Media department reprints a wide scope of arts features, but does not reprint music, film, or book reviews.

    You are also welcome to submit feature articles and essays. As a digest of the independent press, our features reflect the stories we’re reading and trends we’re spotting in our periodical library. This means we don’t have a traditional editorial calendar, and can’t tell you what we’re planning in advance—but we always have space available for that perfect feature submission. Features generally run between 1,000 and 3,750 words.

    To submit your previously published article, send a high-quality photocopy to Submissions, c/o Utne Reader, 1503 SW 42nd St., Topeka, KS 66609, or submit via e-mail to editor@utne.com. Write “submission” in the subject line. Send a PDF, include a web link, or copy your article into the body of the e-mail. Be sure to provide clear contact information.

    Let us know where and when the article originally appeared. If you do not hold the rights to your work, include the name and e-mail address or phone number of the party who does. For postal submissions, include a SASE if you want your work returned.

    Please be aware that we receive hundreds of submissions every month and we have a modest staff. It may take us a few months to process your submission. We do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

    Books, Films, and CDs 

    If you are interested in submitting a book, film, or CD to Utne Reader for possible review in our Mixed Media department, please send a copy in any format to: Media Reviews, c/o Utne Reader, 1503 SW 42nd St., Topeka, KS 66609. We appreciate advance review copies. Lead time is two months.

    All submissions are assessed according to the magazine’s needs and staff interests. If you check in with us regarding your submission, we’re happy to confirm that we received it. If we choose to review or otherwise feature your book, CD, or film, we will contact you and share the good news.

    Artwork Submissions 

    We are always on the lookout for skilled artists with a talent for interpreting editorial content, and welcome examples of your work for consideration. Because of our small staff, busy production schedule, and the volume of samples we receive, however, we ask that you read and keep in mind the following guidelines:

    IMPORTANT: Clearly mark your full name, address, phone number, website address and e-mail address on everything you send.

    Send your samples to: Artwork, c/o Utne Reader, 1503 SW 42nd St., Topeka, KS 66609, or e-mail a link to your online portfolio to Editor in Chief Christian Williams.


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