Table of Contents: July-August 2009

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July-August 2009 

Design Meets DisabilityHow art can help science augment the body, from hearing aids to prosthetic limbs
by Graham Pullin, from the book Design Meets Disability

Building a Better ArmAn amputee helps engineer his own future
by Jonathan Kuniholm, from IEEE Spectrum

Prosthetic PowerAimee Mullins redefines beauty and the body
by Aimee Mullins, from TED 2009

The Revolution Will Not Be Published
Why we must shift our attention from “save newspapers” to “save society”
by Clay Shirky 

Winners of the 20th Annual Utne Independent Press Awards

Stompin ‘ at the Grand TerraceExcerpts from a jazz memoir in verse
by Philip S. Bryant, from the book Stompin’at the Grand Terrace

Satchmo!Louis Armstrong’s artful collages
from the book Satchmo: The Wonderful World and Artof Louis Armstrong

Liquid Hope
Water–more than money, oil, or guns–is the one resource that could finally get bitter enemies to broker peace
by Tom Jacobs, from Miller-McCune


First, Kill All the MBAsThe role business schools played in the economic crisis
by Bradford Plumer, from the New Republic

Mug Shot NationHumiliation without due process is no laughing matter
by Greg Beato, from Reason

Shelf Life: Information OverloadIn the Google Age, media literacy is crucial­–and in short supply
by Danielle Maestretti

Plus:Islands of the DamnedRaising the RoofsWhere There’s a WillAddicted to ArchaeologyThe Living LibrarySeparation or Segregation?Driving While LatinoThe Few, the Proud, the White SupremacistsWho You Pay Is What You GetNational Pot ParksCorporate Pirates Strike Somalia


Sex, Death, and PoetryChatting with undertaker Thomas Lynch about his writing
from Willow Springs

The Muse on Cesar Chavez AvenueAn L.A. studio where community activists enabled a Chicano art explosion
by Alissa Walker, from Creative Review

Crawling WallpaperJennifer Angus uses insects to create colorful, intricate art
from American Craft

Overdosing on RealityA child of the Internet goes feral in full view
by Rob Nelson

Polish Poster ArtPolish artists turn American films into stunning (and strange) movie posters
from the Believer


The Eco SoulThe psychotherapy community should stop treating us as if we were machines
by Larry Robinson, from the book Ecotherapy

Stretching the MindYoga beyond poses by Anna Dubrovsky, 
from Yoga + Joyful Living

Baring All Expense
Our stories about money–or lack thereof
by Sandra Steingraber, from Orion

Plus:Big Ass YogaHunka Hunka Burnin’ News


The Tao of War PhotographyOr: Never ride an Asian elephant while you’re wearing shorts
text and photos by Bruce Haley

How to Skin a CougarThe awesome task of dismantling a marvelous beast
by John Roscoe, from Portland

Entertaining in the RecessionWho needs to know those gougères are stuffed with Spam?
by Mark G. Hanna, from My Table

American JerkBe civil, or I’ll beat you to a pulp
by Todd Schwartz, from Oregon Humanities

Bonfire of the IvoriesVisualize your piano–burning
by Annea Lockwood, from White Fungus

Editor’s Note:Out of the Pastby David Schimke
Forward:Hadza 2.0: An Old New Wayby Eric Utne

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