Table of Contents: July-August 2010

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Table Of ContentsJuly-August 2010


Tea Party CrashersDespite the real idealism of some of its activists, the latest conservative movement is nothing more than a Republican-managed tantrumby Michael Brendan Dougherty, from The American Conservative

The New Face of Activism
If progressives learn the right lessons from organizing efforts of the past year, they can get back in the game
by Deepak Bhargava, from The American Prospect

Lessons from the GodfatherGene Sharp on the power of nonviolent struggle, and how not to screw it upinterview by Jeff Severns Guntzel

Building Little BaghdadIraqi refugees carve out a community in Dallas-Fort Worthby Laura Burke, from The Texas Observer

Muslims on Main StreetHow a small town in America’s heartland fell in love with an Islamic revolutionary–twiceby Adam John Waterman, from Bidoun

You Can’t Get There from HereEclectic maps from an “atlas with a twist,”from Creative Review

Sorrow, Gladness, and the Stream of Living ThingsSeeking sweet refuge in the earth’s mystery and beautyby Kathleen Dean Moore, from the book Wild Comfort


The Big Business of ConservationHow America’s mainstream environmental groups sold out
by Johann Hari, from The Nation

Cleveland’s ComebackA city revives its vacant land
by Marc Lefkowitz, from Next American City

Silent ChoicesThe hush surrounding black abortion rates in America
by Shell Fischer, from In These Times

Obama’s Quiet RevolutionHow the president is revitalizing government
by John B. Judis, from The New Republic


The War Next DoorPowerful dispatches from Ciudad Juarez
by Charles Bowden, from High Country News

Everything I Do
Bryan Adams and the syrupy sweet sound of parenting
by Adam Erickson, from Hip Mama

When a man cannot eat, what happens to his appetites?

by Paul Kahn, from New Mobility

Loosely BasedA novelist reflects on the perils of writing about family
by Randa Jarrar, from make/shift

Late August Phone CallThe question many parents dread
by Joanne L. Zaslow, from Urbanite


What Darwin Didn’t MeanDebunking the myth of our dog-eat-dog world
by J. Wes Ulm, from Democracy

Guilt-Free SojournsEthical destinations in the developing world
by Annika S. Hipple, from Earth Island Journal

Meet the EduPunksRadical self-education
by Steve Howard, Nicole Veerman, and Jim Saunders, from The Tyee

Organic TherapySensory gardens give people a place to heal
by Sarah Zobel, from Spirituality & Health


Picture PerfectExposing phony wildlife photography
by Ted Williams, from Audubon

Dying Teenagers in LoveTears are high praise for Lurlene McDaniel’s brand of sick lit
by Marni Grossman, from Bust

Music reviews:Cabo Verde InstrumentalGurrumulJohn Prine On Stage and In Person

Film Reviews:KissesIcons Among UsThe Most Dangerous Man in America

Book reviews:A Universal History of the Destruction of BooksThe Secret World of Doing NothingBiodiversity on the Brink

Editor’s NoteWe the Peopleby David Schimke

Shelf LifeA Library Renaissanceby Danielle Maestretti

ForwardQueen of Heartsby Eric Utne 

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