Table of Contents: March-April 2009

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March-April 2009

Giving When It HurtsRethinking charity in the midst of an economic crisis
by Keith Goetzman

Ladling Soup, Raising HellNonprofit insider Robert Egger is out to reform charities from within
interview by Keith Goetzman

The Revolution Will Not Be FundedIt’s time to liberate activists from the nonprofit industrial complex
from the book The Revolution Will Not Be Funded

Tips for Practical GivingWhere to give, what to ask, and the lowdown on emerging philanthropic trends

The Lonely AmericanChoosing to reconnect in the 21st century
by Jacqueline Olds and Richard S. Schwartz, from the book The Lonely American

The Art of a Lively ConversationBe real. Be brave. Be bold. (And learn some manners.)
by Alain de Botton, from Standpoint

All in the NeighborhoodWant to see the world? Start by staying home.
by Rebecca Wecks, from the Sun

One Nation, IndivisibleReconnecting the public with its public servants
by Julie Hanus

The Life and Lonely Death of Noah PierceA small-town soldier loses his soul in Iraq. He is not alone. He thinks he is.
text and photos by Ashley Gilbertson, from the Virginia Quarterly Review

In Search of SilenceOne man’s quest to find the quietest places on earth and keep them that way
by Kathleen Dean Moore, from Orion
photos by Gordon Hempton

Emerging Ideas

Making the NewsA guide to getting the media’s attention
by Symon Hill, from Red Pepper

Can’t We All Just … Go for a Bike Ride?
Conservative cyclists transcend cultural stereotypes
by Jake Mohan

Lullabies Behind BarsIn a few innovative prisons, babies find a safe haven with their moms
by Beth Schwartzapfel, from Ms.

Mixed Media

Way Off the GridA photographer documents the primitive lives of “rewilders”
by Joseph Hart, photos by Lucas Foglia

Reeling on the RightA liberal-bashing film festival puts this conservative critic to sleep
by Michael Brendan Dougherty, from the American Conservative

Eat, Drink, and Stage a New Play10 things theaters must do to save themselves
by Brendan Kiley, from the Stranger

Plus:Film ReviewsBook ReviewsMusic Reviews

Mindful Living

Breathing QueasyIndoor air is a toxic brew. Here’s what to do.
by Laura Sevier, from the Ecologist

Leafy CleanNASA-sanctioned houseplants purify indoor air
by Darcy Maulsby, from Radish

Secondhand Syndicate
That concert T-shirt you “donated” was more valuable than you thought
by Sacha Evans, from Polite

SpentNew research explores why sadness makes us splurge
by Jason Marsh, from Greater Good


A Hint of BSCan it be that wine snobs are even worse than art snobs? Yes, it can.
by Matthew Valdini, from Canteen

A School Bus from Nowhere
Connecting with “at risk” kids requires crazy and crucial hope
by Robin Cody, from Portland

Chance of a LifetimeA cancer-stricken theologian realizes that beating the odds has nothing to do with mortality
by Forrest Church, from the book Love & Death

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