Table of Contents: May-June 2007

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May-June 2007

FEATURE: The Future of Protest

Protest Is Dead
Long Live Protest. Dump your signs and slogans — it’s time to make change
by Joseph Hart

Meet the New Boss: You.How and why the people are taking charge
by Joseph Hart

Arms and the Movement
Pacifism equals pacified to this activist
by Peter Gelderloos, from the book How Nonviolence Protects the State

FEATURE: Political Patchwork

Not Your Mother’s QuiltTerese Agnew needles the establishment one stitch at a time
by James Diers

FEATURE: Recovery

Out of the DrinkFor author Raymond Carver, sobriety was sweet — and meant for sharing
by Tess Gallagher, from the Sun

FEATURE: Through the Lens

Israel Inside Out
Two photographers examine the Holy Land from a different perspective
by Hannah Lobel

FEATURE: New Orleans

Hell and Back
A newspaper columnist, devastated by Katrina, finds salvation where he least expected — in a bottle of medicine
by Chris Rose, from the New Orleans Times Picayune

Emerging Ideas

Shuck and Jive
How industry and politicians are harvesting ethanol for all it’s worth
by Rebecca Clarren

Our Furry, Feeling FriendsThe difference between animals and humans isn’t as big as people think
by Bennett Gordon

Invading Our Own Privacy
Tell-all blogs, digital surveillance, online profiling: Who needs Big Brother?
by David Schimke

Homeless Newspapers Head UptownFrom focus groups to celebrity coverage, street papers look to increase appeal
by Jake Thomas

Mixed Media

Digging Back Through the StaxDr. King, Isaac Hayes, a country fiddler named Jim, and the little label that could
by David Schimke

Reality Theater
For artists working in Rwanda, the truth is terrible and worth telling
by Tad Simons

Hanging with the Have-NotsEmpathetic author William T. Vollmann talks about his new book, Poor People
interview by Donna Seaman, from Bookforum

Mindful Living

Tread Lightly and Carry a Big Bag of BatteriesRethinking technology in the wilderness
by Chris Dodge

Forget Pepsi — Pass the Moxie Original Elixir
The politics of pop and one man’s lip — smacking soda stand
by Jeff Penalty, from Swindle

Owning the Road Rules
Sane biking in a car-crazy world
by Julie Hanus

Soul Food, Hold the Ham Hocks
Dishing up Southern favorites, vegetarian style
by Meshelle Foreman Shields, from Urbanite

Tailor-Made Travel
Dump the generic guidebook and get a key to the city
by Angie Vo, from Venus Zine


Deep Thoughts by David Lynch
The director of Twin Peaks and Blue Velvet on calming his twisted mind
by David Lynch, from the book Catching the Big Fish

A Letter to My Young SelfAn exile’s dormant memories of a distant childhood in Vietnam
by Andrew Lam, from California

Warrior Spirits
A brother comes home from Iraq, and his sister mourns the unspeakable damage
by Leah Larson, from the Indypendent

Editor’s Noteby David Schimke
Shelf Life
by Danielle Maestretti
Heartlandby Nina Utne

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