Table of Contents: May-June 2010

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Table of Contents  
May-June 2010

Faux FriendshipWe are connected to everyone. We don’t really know William Deresiewicz, from The Chronicle of Higher Education

Homegrown Jihad
Why are young Somali men leaving their homes in Minnesota to die in the name of Allah?by Nicholas Schmidle, from Virginia Quarterly Review

Utne Independent Press AwardsThe 72 nominees for 2010

The Mind’s Eye
Alex Masket, an autistic 23-year-old artist, creates vivid, idiosyncratic collages to make sense of his worldinterview by Tod Lippy, from Esopus

Hot AirA startling number of TV weathercasters believe climate change is a scam. And they are not keeping it to Charles Homans, from Columbia Journalism Review

Tilting Against the WindWeatherman Paul Douglas talks straight on climate changeby Keith Goetzman

Coming Home
A gay Christian speaks to fundamentalistsby Jonathan Odell, from Commonweal

Emerging Ideas

Turning Hustlers into EntrepreneursEncouraging enterprise, reducing poverty
by Kai Wright from The American Prospect

Suing to Save the PlanetEnvironmental activists go to court
interview by Tony Davis, from High Country News

The Gay OptionWhat if same-sex love is a choice?
by Stephanie Fairyington, from Dissent


Before Martyrdom, BreakfastAt home with Osama
by Thomas Bartlett from The Chronicle of Higher Education

The Magic HourFilmmakers and artists love Alberta’s natural light
by Kim Gray from Alberta Views

A Jew in PrisonA reflection on anti-Semitism in the yard
by David Arenberg, from Intelligence Report

I Belong HereAn immigration check causes a wave of solidarity
by Amin Ahmad, from The Sun

Mindful Living

Monks with GunsBuddhists aren’t immune to anger or fear
by Michael Jerryson, from Religion Dispatches

Life After PovertyTherapy for the formerly poor
by Carrie Golus, from University of Chicago Magazine

Remembrance of Foods PastThriving in old age is a matter of taste
by Darra Goldstein, from Gastronomica

The Spontaneous SelfFree your body–the mind will follow
interview by Hannah Fox, from Contact Quarterly

Mixed Media

The Golden Age of Middle Eastern WesternsWhen John Wayne spoke Farsi
by Abou Farman, from Bidoun

The Defense Cannot RestStoried lawyer William Kunstler is cross-examined by his daughters
by Keith Goetzman

So You Want to Open a BookstoreWhat it costs to sell books
by Christopher Benz, from the San Francisco Panorama

Plus:Musicfilm, and book reviews

Editor’s NoteAmerican Psychosisby David Schimke

ForwardAn Open Letter to MoveOnby Eric Utne

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