January-February 2011











Pride at Work  
The value of treating the employed and the jobless with respect 
by Bette Lynch Husted, from Oregon Humanities  

Doing the Limbo 
In Middle America, the middle-aged struggle to stay middle class 
by Andy Kroll, from TomDispatch.com  

It’s the Unions, Jack 
Why America’s working class would fare better in a social democracy 
by Thomas Geoghegan, from Were You Born on the Wrong Continent?   

Time to Get Paid 
Americans don’t need jobs, they need good jobs 
by Peter Dreier, from The American Prospect  

Cutting Class 
What we talk about when we talk about work  
by Brad Zellar 

Everybody Counts
A guy goes door-to-door for the census and discovers democracy 
by Brad Edmondson, from The American Scholar  



Birds Not Bombs 
An Iraqi American works to restore his native country’s valuable marshlands 
by Samiha Shafy, from Der Spiegel  


 The Dude Abides 
Jeff Bridges riffs on meditation, laziness, and his “groovy” Buddhist beliefs 
interview by Katy Butler, from Tricycle  


The Conspiracy Channel 
With a larger staff than Fox News, a worldwide Russian TV network spreads a unique brand of anti-American propaganda 
by Sonia Scherr, from Intelligence Report 




Humanoid Rights
The ACLU studies science fiction by Adam Serwer, from The American Prospect  

The Secession Solution  
A plea for the Independent States of America by Kirkpatrick Sale, from Chronicles  

Genetic Engineering for Good 
A researcher modifies crops to feed the hungry by Erik Vance, from Conservation 


Larry King Is the Future
And other signs of the coming apocalypse by Jack Pendarvis, from The Oxford American  

Things That Went Bump in the Night 
A grieving mother hangs on for a haunting by Anna Belle Kaufman, from Calyx  

Learning from White Castle
A Brooklyn vegetarian gives grease a chance by Dave Kim, from The Brooklyn Rail 




You Gotta Believe 
America’s addiction to blind faith by Brian Trent, from The Humanist  

Ten Things to Do When You’re Feeling Hopeless 
Step One: Give up hope by Dave Pollard, from How to Save the World  

Romancing the Random 
What makes us long for the unexpected? by Akiko Busch, from American Craft  

Power to the Parents 
Radical childcare collectives give activists a break by Heather Bowlan, from make/shift  

So Many Gods, So Little Time 
The majority believes. They’re just not that interested in the details. by Keith Goetzman



Art’s Subterranean Disneyland
An audacious new “unmuseum” in Tasmania by Cristina Ruiz, from The Art Newspaper  

This Is How They Roll 
Physically integrated dance companies cross barriers by Josie Byzek, from New Mobility 

Spray Tips 
How Rusto lost its luster for street artists by Caleb Neelon, from imprint 


Music: A World of Music, Down to the Roots, A Beast for the Senses
Black Power Generation, Banksy Strikes Again, Creative Destruction
Architecture for All, Failing the Right Way, A Walden State of Mind 

Editor’s Note 
The Defense Refuses to Rest 
by David Schimke 

Android Nightmares 
by Eric Utne

Dispatches from: 

Foreign Policy, Yes!, Indypendent, High Country News, Ode, Free Inquiry, The Oxford American, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Wired, Psychology Today, Governing, New Humanist, New York Times, Columbia Journalism Review  




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