Table of Contents: July-August 2004

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July-August 2004

Dateline: Iraq
Journalists struggle to get inside the minds of an occupied people
by Gal Beckerman, from Columbia Journalism Review

A New Way of Walking
Psychogeographers are changing the way we experience the city
by Joseph Hart 

The Utne Interview: Air America’s Lizz Winstead
A liberal talk-radio pioneer sounds off

Faith in the Land
Three farmers show us how to trust nature again
by Lisa M. Hamilton 

The Good Farmer
Kentucky native Kingsolver reclaims her rural roots
by Barbara Kingsolver, from The Essential Agrarian Reader

Lombardi’s Web
An artist paints the flow of money that runs the world
by Nick Stillman, from Punk Planet

New Rites of Passage

The New Rites of Passage: An Interview with Gail Sheehy
Passages author Sheehy charts the latest changes in our lives

Do-It-Yourself Rituals
Who needs old traditions when you can make up new ones?

by Laine Bergeson 

The Perma-Parent Trap
By financing their adult children, are parents short-changing their own lives?
by Pamela Paul, from Psychology Today

Transcending the Quarterlife Crisis
Twentysomething angst has launched a new movement
by Eliza Thomas 

The Unbearable Lightness of Adulthood
Reflections on turning 30
by Anjula Razdan 

Life After Death
How to send an e-mail from beyond the grave
by Eliza Thomas 

Falling In & Out of Love
A nomadic filmmaker heads west
by Bill Brown, from Dreamwhip #13

Why Politics and Purity Don’t Mix
Playwright-activist Tony Kushner talks about real change and how to make it
by Sara Marcus, from Heeb

Focus: Renewable Energy
The Austin Energy Experiment
The capital city of oil-proud Texas is going solar–big time
by Bruce Sterling, from Wired

Running on Rage
Here’s a renewable energy idea: anger-powered cars
from The Onion

Increase Your Energy IQ
The more you know about green energy, the more you’ll save
by Jeremiah Creedon 

Goat Power
Yard work is kids play’ for the weed eater with teeth
from Alternatives Journal

Africa Calling
Cell phones find a place in ancient oral cultures
by James Hall, from New Internationalist

Nanotech Under the Microscope
New super-small particles can do wonders–but they may be a health risk, too
by Anne Geske 

China’s Big Bang
A building boom is transforming the country–and trampling the past
by Jacob Wheeler 

Radical Feminine Hygiene
Menstrual insurgents are replacing the tampon
by Andi McDaniel 

Video Games Get Real
Alien mutants are out–and social change is in
by Anastasia Masurat 

Queer Sheik
On being openly gay in Saudi Arabia
by John R. Bradley, from The New Republic

Drag ‘Net
Radical website content lands a cyberactivist in jail
by Craig Cox 

Global Village or Virtual Shopping Mall?
Broadband is transforming the Internet–and corporations want control
by Leif Utne 

The Enlightened Intersection
In Oregon, citizens turn a bland crossroads into a gathering place
by Laine Bergeson 

Blogging Off
How blogging ruined my life
by Whitney Pastorek, from The Village Voice

Loving Your Inner Velma
How to cope with having a gorgeous best friend
by Cathy James, from North Carolina Woman

Inside the Glitter Shoppe
The life and death of a small-town mall
by Andy Cornell, from Clamor

Radical Recycling
Read this mag–then eat it. Guaranteed high in fiber!
from Mountain Gazette

About a Dog
How do you know when to say good-bye?
by Andrew Hudgins, from The American Scholar

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