Table of Contents: July-August 2006

By Staff
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July-August 2006


Get Over It
When to let go. How to heal.
by Joseph Hart 

A Practical Guide

Crash Course
An accident taught Matthew Sandofrd what holds body and soul together
interview by Nina Utne 

Pedal Power
Invisible Riders
For L.A.’s immigrant day laborers, biking isn’t exercise or a hobby. It’s a way to get to work.
by Dan Koeppel, from Bicycling

Special Report
Training the Left to Win
In their fight to catch up with the right, progressives are sending their young to boot camp
by Leif Utne 

Election Reform
Unstuffing the Ballot Box
The right is working to change voting rules. Advocates and ordinary citizens are pushing back.
by David Brauer 

Election Watchdog With a Bite
Greg Palast says Republicans stole the election in 2004, and can do it again in 2008

Green Building
The Houses Bamboo Built
In bamboo structures, form and function merge
by Hannah Lobel 

Emerging Ideas
Beating Bombs to Plowshares
Sculptors and smiths turn weapons into art and tools
by Chris Dodge 

Out on a Limb
Genetically engineered trees take root
by Keith Goetzman 

A Toast to Dissent
Activist beer makers deliver politics in a bottle
by Leif Utne 

Walking Test Tubes
Drug companies take their trials overseas
by Sonia Shah, from NACLA Report on the Americas

Plus: McMansion lite, corporate social opportunity, lifesaving ceramics, moving art, trashy cash, MapQuests for the carless, conditional love, and more 

Mixed Media
Reimagining Reality
Mockumentaries, “factions,” and the new, new journalism
by Annie Nocenti 

Reviews: Films on the Zapotec women warriors, twisted logic at Guantanamo, and more 

Fade Out
As the tape format dies, rewind those memories
by Brian Joseph Davis 

Reviews: Nuru Kane, Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs, Sugarplum Fairies, and more 

Reviews: Books on mass-marketing individuality, America’s throwaway culture, and more 

Picture Imperfect
Found photos testify to the wondrous ambiguities of anonymity
by Rick Poynor, from Print

Street Librarian
Apocalypse Soon?
Publications about dismantling civilization are going feral
by Chris Dodge 

Mindful Living
The Zen of Surfing
How to brave life’s choppy waters and ride the perfect wave
by Jaimal Yogis, from Shambhala Sun

A Cleaner Coat
Environmentally friendly paints are catching on–but shop with caution
by Keith Goetzman 

A Journal to Remember
Travel writing for pleasure, not profit
by Deborah Burand, from Transitions Abroad

Plus: The lotion loophole, the incredible growing brain, small stuff adds up, reframing the 3R’s, dinner party hearty, and Aesthetics 101 

Letters from a Desert Prophet
Ed Abbey’s prescient voice rings out again
by Edward Abbey, from Postcards from Ed

My Son the Marine
A defiant young man leaves for boot camp and becomes a caring killer
by Annaliese Jakimides, from Hip Mama

The Americano Dream
An immigrant’s daughter remembers her father’s assimilation
by Angela M. Balcita, from Red Mountain Review

Water of Life

In-depth coverage of eye-opening issues that affect your life.