Table of Contents: July-August 2013

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July-August 2013 Table of Contents

Stirring the Pot

Government Grass
Surprise! The feds recognized the health benefits of pot more than 40 years ago by Alfred Ryan Nerz, excerpted from Marijuanamerica

The Fisher King
Protecting wildlife from the harmful impacts of outlaw pot farms by Sharon Levy, from OnEarth

A Guy Named Frank
What will your friendly neighborhood weed dealer do when pot is legal everywhere?  by Danielle King, from The New Inquiry

In Defense of Hunting

Gone Huntin’
How killing for meat became the latest eat-conscious trend by Chelsea Murray, fromThis Magazine

Outlaw Cuisine
A renegade hunter and vegetarian forager make the most of a road kill deer by Rebecca Lerner, from Dandelion Hunter

From Vegan to Hunter
Pursuing wild meat in the spirit of vegetarianism by Tovar Cerulli, from

Death Becomes Us

A Healthy Mania for the Macabre
From “Body Worlds” to taxidermy, death is coming out of the casket 
by Steven T. Asma, from The Chronicle of Higher Education

Mortician Caitlin Doughty thinks you take death way too seriously 
by Michael Washburn, from The University of Chicago Magazine

Sad Food
What should we eat when we’re grieving? by Katherine Ashenburg, from Maisonneuve

Emerging Ideas

Home Improvement
For a subsidized housing program that really works, look to Viennaby Ryan Holeywell, from Governing

Hunger Strikes and Freedom Rides
The secret history of Palestinian nonviolence by Nicholas Jahr, from Jewish Currents


Little X
The forbiddenness of growing up by Elizabeth Tallent, from The Threepenny Review

Mindful Living

The Boys of Lancaster
Why the Amish can play baseball like no one else by Kent Russell, from The New Republic

Mixed Media

Artist Statement
Don’t call Favianna Rodriguez a political artist by Tina Vasquez, from Bitch

America’s Shadow Wars Exposed: a review of Dirty Wars
One Big (Mostly) Happy Family: a review of The Source Family
Bee Alarmed: a review of More Than Honey

A Record Full of Screaming Passion: a review of Desperation by The Oblivians
Vintage Jazz with a Twist: a review of Rendezvous in Rhythm by Hot Club of Cowtown
Creedence Redux: a review of Wrote a Song for Everyone by John Fogerty

Empathy, Agency, and Stories: a review of The Faraway Nearby by Rebecca Solnit
This is What Democracy Looks Like: a review of Educational Courage by Mara Sapon-Shevin
There’s Still Time to Change: a review of The Infinite Resource by Ramaz Naam

Editor’s Note
by Christian Williams

by Eric Utne

Dispatches from:
Chicago Reporter (The Greatest Show on Earth)
Rethinking Schools (Math as Our Weapon)
Treehugger (Music Festivals Clean Up Their Act)
Grist (An Oily Affair)
Science News (Sweet Detoxification)
Scientific American (Full Metal Jacket)
The New York Times (Young Student Finds Fruit Flies Prefer Organic)
Northern Woodlands (Sometimes, the Forest Doesn’t Need Our Help)
Coastal Services (Wanna Solve Urban Blight? Listen to the People)

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