Table of Contents: March-April 2006

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March-April 2006

Long-Term Love

Long-Term Love
We need a deeper conversation about relationships
by Julie Hanus 

Pillow Talk
Stephen and Ondrea Levine on lust, the meaning of marriage, and true intimacy

interview by Nina Utne 

Monomaniacal Monogamy
A new generation of couples dare to redefinte commitment–again
by Julie Hanus 

My Cheatin’ Heart
When loves comes knocking, do you answer the door?
by Daphne Gottlieb, from Homewrecker

Mimicking Mother Nature
Using the environment as a source of inspiration
by Andy Isaacson 

We ARE the People
Instead of marching on Washington, take a stroll across the street
by Joe Carpenter, from Dissident Voice

By the People, from the People
Move over, Uncle Sam; here come the masses
by Frances Moore Lappé, from Democracy’s Edge

The Ultimate Sacrifice
One woman’s unspeakable loss and love of freedom
by Alan Clements, from Instinct for Freedom

Rethinking Democracy
Ideas and ideals worth watching
by Leif Utne 

The Tao of Sparrow
A poet, his bathtub, and waking up twice
by Chris Dodge 

Star Salad and Kite Soup
Recipes from a poet
by Sparrow, from Ascent

Farm Bill
For Amber Waves of Grain
The 2007 Farm Bill: Who is gearing up for a food fight, and why you should care
by Scott Carlson 

Globe-Trotting Groceries
Your Meal: Not necessarily made in the USA
by Scott Carlson 

Emerging Ideas
Beyond Bushisms
Don’t be distracted by the goofs
by Hannah Lobel 

Soldiers for Peace
GIs could lead the way out of Iraq
by Leif Utne 

Death of a Native Visionary
Vine Deloria Jr. fought for Indian sovereignty and values
by Kathleen Shaye Hill 

Mother Africa
Across the continent, women are taking power
by Jocelyn Zuckerman 

Plus: Prurient penguins, pushing paper as a building material, customized labia, soldier slang, decoding déjà vu, and more 

Mixed Media
Real-Time Africa
A traveling exhibit gives the lie to “primitive” Africa
by Charlie Sugnet 

Reviews: Books on the art of sculpting living trees, hands-on environmentalism, how to “design it yourself,” and more 

The Things We Carry
What films of the Vietnam era can tell us about the present
by Jason Silverman 

Movie Movement
Can film clubs launch a progressive revolution?
by Tyler Otis 

Reviews: Films on exporting spin to Bolivia, life in Johannesburg, and more 

Punk’s Not Dead
Billy Bragg is back–and boy do we need him
interview by Joseph Hart 

Reviews: Dominic Frasca, Frigg, and more 

Street Librarian
Written in Red
Publications of the sectarian left
by Chris Dodge 

Mindful Living
The Seasons of the Sea
Why it’s important to know when your dinner took the bait
by Andi McDaniel 

Little Fisheries by the Sea
Local activists get into the labeling business
by Andi McDaniel 

Diluting a Disease
Could homeopathy stop the avian flu?
by Morgan Mae Schultz 

The Healing Power of Flowers
Torture victims turn to gardens for hope
by Sarah Walsh 

Plus: Creating sacred spaces at home, prefab pads, and psychology goes positive 

Armadillo Hunting with an Old Man
Tracking vermin with a shotgun, a flashlight, and Grandma’s new Buick
by Joby Bass, from On the Page

Hope, History, and the Holocaust
How much do we really learn from evil?
by Sam Smith, from DESIGNER/builder

Cultural Storm Renovations
A Letter to America from New Orleans
by Andrei Codrescu, from New Orleans, Mon Amour

A Sin
A father, his son, and the gift of forgiveness
by Brian Doyle, from Portland Magazine

Timeless Advice from the Front
A Civil War soldier writes to his brother
by Jeremiah Burpee Smith 

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