Table of Contents: March-April 2014

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March-April 2014 Table of Contents 

Intergenerational Activism

Have You Given Up?
Utne readers weigh in on the state of activism and activists in America today by Eric Utne, Jay Ogilvy, and Brad Edmondson, special to Utne Reader

Action as Healing Tonic
Protesting Keystone XL with love—and pie, by Shannon Wianecki, from Spirituality & Health

The Art of Youth Resistance
A journey to reclaim Aboriginal Treaty Rights by Terrence Hall, from Cultural Survival Quarterly

Elbows Deep
Meet the Ozarks’ unlikely environmentalists by Jake Abrahamson, from Sierra

Fracking Our Future

Before the natural gas boom, the woods and rivers of Pennsylvania had a life of their own by S. Harrison Grigg, from Guernica

Welcome to Frackville
Inside the Marcellus Shale feeding frenzy by Kim Sorvig, from Landscape Architecture Magazine

The Frack Fight Goes Global
From China to Bulgaria, drillers are discovering shale—and opposition by Danny Chivers, from New Internationalist

Emerging Ideas   

Onslaught of Autism
A mom’s crusade could help unravel a scientific mystery by Jane Kay, from Environmental Health News

Bright Kids, Small City
With fewer opportunities in big cities, many young people are choosing to stay home by Nona Willis Aronowitz, from The American Prospect


All LinkedIn with Nowhere to Go
An Escher staircase masquerading as a career ladder by Ann Friedman, from The Baffler

Oval Intention
One tent, generations of happy campers by Kim Todd, from High Country News

Mindful Living

Mentoring for the Earth
Working together to mend a torn culture by Mark Morey, from Permaculture Activist

Savior of the Sole
The emotional, even religious, side of neoliberal capitalism by Lucia Hulsether, from Religion & Politics

Mixed Media

The Book of Lamentations
The American Psychiatric Association’s latest dystopian novel by Sam Kriss, from The New Inquiry


Chaplin’s Masterpiece Revisited: a review of City Lights: Criterion Collection
The Mystery of Vivian Maier: a review of Finding Vivian Maier
A Deeply Haunting Portrait: a review of The Missing Picture

No Need to Rush Good Music: a review of Holly by Nick Waterhouse

Visual Art
The Sublime Art of James Turrell

Selling Progress: a review of Tomorrow-Land by Joseph Tirella
Learning How to Swim: a review of Beyond Magenta by Susan Kuklin
The Brush is Mightier than the Sword: a review of Art that Changed the World from DK Publishing

Editor’s Note
by Christian Williams 

by Eric Utne

Dispatches from: 
Resurgence & Ecologist (Reef Art Madness)
The Spark (Rent the Farm)
Science News (Fighting Bacteria with Biomimicry)
Yes! Magazine (Unprecedented Victories, Unlikely Allies) 
In These Times (The Other TPP)
Monitor on Psychology (Trying to Think Outside the Box? Don’t Clean Your Desk.) 

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