Table of Contents: May-June 2005

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May-June 2005

Sleeping with the Enemy
Why do progressive writers flock to corporate publishers?
by Jennifer Nix, from Alternet

The Contender
A journalist trades the Capitol beat for a ringside seat
by Ivan G. Goldman, from Columbia Journalism Review

The World’s Most Dangerous Idea

Humanity: The Remix
Is building better humans the world’s most dangerous idea?
by Alyssa Ford 

In Praise of Flubs
Musicians on beta-blockers just might be too perfect

by Sudip Bose, from The American Scholar

Shiny Happy People
In our quest for self-improvement, have we gone too far?
by Anjula Razdan 

Earth Angel
Is dreaminess a disorder or an endearing quirk?
by Natalie Pearson, from Brain, Child

Maple Leaf Rags
Toronto is home to the hottest indie magazines in North America
by Eric Utne 

Requiem for a Tux
Have we become a nation of slobs?
by Glenn O’Brien, from Blackbook

Queer Eye for the Green Guy
Is it time for environmentalists to get a makeover?
by Lou Bendrick, from Grist

Just a Small-Town Boy
A writer gives up the rat race and finds peace in the country
by Joseph Hart 

Life in a Northern Town
For this former small-town girl, rural renaissance is an oxymoron
by Laine Bergeson 

Feeling a Draft
Tomorrow’s conscientious objectors are getting ready now
by Chuck Terhark 

Hitchhikers Get Wired
Today’s travelers take a ride on the information highway
by Elizabeth Dwoskin 

Family Pride
Despite political pressures, some still believe tolerance is worth teaching
by Jacqueline White 

Home Security
Architects say building houses, not jails, is the way to cut crime
by Hannah Lobel 

The Big Organic O
Forget Viagra and try all-natural aphrodisiacs instead
by Laine Bergeson 

Subversive Gadgets
Tech-friendly protesters have some cool new tools
by Harry Sheff 

The Surreal Life
Is surrealism the antidote to modern angst?
by Jon Spayde 

Corporate Cannabis
The pharmaceutical industry has a new cashcrop
by Barb Jacobs 

Secrets of a Good Night’s Sleep
Discover simple ways to reclaim deep sleep
by Dr. Peter Van Houten and Gyandev Rich McCord, from Overcoming Insomnia

Sleep for Sale
Get ready for the next big pharma ad blitz
by Linda Marsa, from Mother Jones

Delighting in Details
Forget navel gazing. Find peace by looking outward.
by Miranda Pinero, from Tablet

I Read the News Today, Oh Boy . . .
Do you find the news overwhelming and exhausting? Try a media fast.
by Richard Mahler, from Alternative Medicine

The Art of Breaking Up
Harold and Maude is forever, even when love ain’t
by Emma Forrest, from Blackbook

On the Tap-Tap
After the storm, a generous spirit shines through in Haiti
by Kent Annan, from Orion

Miles from Nowhere
One woman discovers it’s not far from a warm house to life on the street
by Heather Seggel, from Bitch

What I’ve Learned
Rocker Robert Pollard shares life lessons from the road
by Robert Pollard, from Magnet

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