Table of Contents: May-June 2013

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May-June 2013 Table of Contents

Wall Wars

Looking Beyond the Wall
Encountering the humanitarian crisis of border politics by Robert Neustadt, special to Utne Reader

Why Build a Border Wall?
The official reasons for a wall are only part of the story by Reece Jones, from NACLA

Manifest Density
Are not all migrations created equal? by Luis Alberto Urrea, from Orion

Poacher’s Paradise

Pirates of the Rainforest
On the Olympic Peninsula, plant poachers are proving difficult to catch by Gregg Bleakney, fromSierra

The Floating Forest
The hand of Chinese dominance reaches into America’s recycling bins by Sam Worley, from Chicago Reader  

The Bone Factory
The West’s insatiable urge for human skeletons drives a macabre industry in India by Scott Carney, from his book, The Red Market

A Common Cause

Our Hidden Wealth
Seeing the commons is a first step–the real challenge is protecting it
by Jonathan Rowe, Our Common Wealth

A Real Tragedy of the Commons
The truth about the green economy and carbon offsets
by Danielle Marie Mackey, from Guernica 

Stealing and Selling Nature
How the commons was erased from American history by Tim Swinehart, from Rethinking Schools

Emerging Ideas

The End of Male
Male fertility is at an all-time low–are chemicals to blame?by Zak Stone, from Tomorrow

The Second Coming Psychedelics
Inside the mind-tripping, soul-changing, ground shifting, 21st century therapy by Don Lattin, from Spirituality & Health


Me, Myself, and I
Why is it so hard to admit when we are lonely? by Olivia Laing, from Aeon Magazine

Employee Discounts
Selling loyalty, slinging deals, getting screwed, and getting even by Kjerstin Johnson, from The Bear Deluxe

Mindful Living

Losing My Religion
Without structured worship, what path to divinity would your soul choose? by Marie Myung-Ok Lee, from Tricycle

The Art of George W. Bush and the Importance of Play
Everyone–even a former president–can benefit from a creative vacation by Elizabeth Spiers, from Medium

Mixed Media

Don’t Be A Stranger
Social media keep old friends close, but the web used to be for strangers by Adrian Chen, from The New Inquiry

Although You’re Crying on the Inside: a review of Booker’s Place
The Rise and Fall of Julian Assange: a review of We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks

Modern Day Ramblin’ Man: a review of Ride by Wayne Hancock
Love, Betrayal, and Death: a review of Wild Bill Jones by the Quiet American
Rebel with a Guitar: a review of Nomad by Bombino

A Horror Trove: a review of Kill Anything That Moves by Nick Turse
Zine Machines: a review of various new zines from Pioneers Press

Editor’s Note
by Christian Williams

by Eric Utne

Dispatches from:
Cultural Survival Quarterly (We Are the World)
Waging Nonviolence (Urban Zapatismo)
Medieval Mummy Head Shows Dark Ages Weren’t So Dark (Scientific American)

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