Table of Contents: November-December 2004

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November-December 2004

Nominees for the 16th Annual Utne Independent Press Awards

Betrayed by the Angel
What happens when violence knocks and politeness answers?
by Debra Anne Davis, from Harvard Review

Modern Lives, Sacred Hills
A modern family makes an ancient pilgrimage
by Anand Ramayya, from Ascent

The New Intimacy

Soul-Mate Mania
It’s new, but is it better? Say hello to “the superrelationship.”
by Craig Cox 

I Heart Fake Dating
When the only route to real intimacy is a fake one

by Tim Gihring, from Before the Mortgage

The ABCs of Intimacy
A toolkit for getting closer
by Nina Utne 

Interview with Carolyn Hax
The Washington Post advice columnist on intimacy today
by Anjula Razdan 

The Architecture of Intimacy
What if the best way to come together is to live apart?
by Nor Hall 

Seven Essential Questions for Getting Closer
How to have the most intimate date imaginable
by Kevin Leman, from The Birth Order Connection

Beyond Romance
Nine types of everyday intimacy
by Anjula Razdan 

A Cosmic Connection
How one woman channeled her sexual desire into a higher love
by Eliza Thomas 

My Imaginary Boyfriend
Most people only dream of a love this real
interview with Amy Sedaris by Laine Bergeson 

Singing Truth to Power
Remembering Fela Kuti, Nigeria’s rebel troubadour of political dissent
by Esiaba Irobi, from Black Renaissance

In Fela’s Footsteps
From Lagos to Brooklyn, the Afrobeat goes on
by Keith Goetzman 

Beyond Activistism
Action will be taken (though only with careful thought, of course)!
by Liza Featherstone, Doug Henwood, and Christian Parenti, from LiP

We Are Thinking–In New Ways
A response from the front lines of protest
by David Solnit 

We’ll Always Have Paris
French theory is dead. Long may it live!
by Jon Spayde 

Gaming for Dollars
How a virtual reality turned into real money
by Clive Thompson, from The Walrus

Talk to U.S.
The world goes online and talks back to America
by Jacob Wheeler 

The Great Open Ocean Sell-Off
Offshore factory fish farms and the push to privatize the high seas
by Craig Cox 

“Red Music” Rocks Out
In Vietnam, trendy teens get into old war songs
by Richard Siklos, from COLORS

The Other Guantánamos
Terrorist prisons around the world
from New Internationalist

Networking for the Earth
The Bioneers organization spontaneously becomes a nationwide movement
by Leif Utne 

History at the Cellular Level
DNA helps African Americans trace their ancestry
by Julia C. Keller, from Science & Spirit

The Ms. of Baghdad
The first post-Saddam women’s magazine debuts in Iraq
by Lauren Sandler, from Ms.

Tales of Toronto
Cell phones tell the hidden stories of the city
by Anna Bowness, from Broken Pencil

Building as if Life Mattered
Christopher Alexander’s program for a humane architecture
by Eric Utne 

Focus: Education
Earth-Based Education
Heading back to the land? Go back to school first.
by Andi McDaniel 

Human-Scale Education
Inventing a school that meets real needs
by Satish Kumar, from Green Teacher

The Personal Goes Political
Holistic education centers aim to change the world
by Leif Utne 

Meet Professor Seduction
Online lessons in how to find a “totally awesome” date
by Chuck Terhark 

John Waters’ Golden Rules of Filmmaking
“Never make a film about your grandmother, unless she’s a serial killer.”
by John Waters, from Moviemaker

Walk Like the Buddha
Strolling slowly in search of Nirvana and, possibly, jail time
by Mike Hudema 

Back to the Wild
Why one woman toppled a mansion
by Jim Stiles, from Canyon Country Zephyr

The Omens
How to win a Pulitzer Prize
by Jeffrey Eugenides, from Brick

Elvin & Me
The Doors’ drummer remembers his hero, Elvin Jones (1927-2004)
by John Densmore 

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