Table of Contents: November-December 2005

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November-December 2005

Embrace Your Feminine

Embrace Your Feminine
A conversation with Nina Simons and Nina Utne

The Magdalene Mystique
The Da Vinci Code has dominated our collective imagination. Why?

by Lila Sophia Tresemer 

The Gender Quotient Test
Rate your “gender genius” with this 10-question quiz
by David Deida 

What the Great Thinkers Think About Women Thinking
A timeline adapted from The American Scholar
by Cynthia Russett 

Women need to get over themselves
by Lisa Jervis, from LiP

Art With Heart
Rha Goddess makes the case for soul living
by Anne O’Connor 

Mom Says: Clean Your Room
Jean Shinoda Bolen asserts that women are uniquely qualified to heal the world

Utne Field Guide: The WTO
Everything you need to know about the World Trade Organization
by Leif Utne 

Brave New Worlds
Artist Ingo Günther’s globes turn the planet on your head

Reading Matters
Luminous books in the digital age
by Chris Dodge 

As I Lay Reading
On Oprah, Faulkner, and Middle America
by J.M. Tyree, from The Nation

An Officer and a Reader
The role of literature in military education
by Elizabeth D. Samet, from The American Scholar

The Joy of Reading
Is reading for pleasure an outdated idea?
by Daniel Born, from The Common Review

Taking Back Islam
Parvez Ahmed says it’s time to declare a jihad on extremism
interview by David Schimke 

Emerging Ideas
Trashing Trailers
In which the poor get poorer and lose their property rights
by Anjula Razdan 

The Web Watchdog
Online shopping with a soul
by Paul Demko 

Birth of a Network
A fiery Canadian wants to transform the news business
by Kevin Featherly 

Big water is starting to look like big oil
by Anjula Razdan 

Starved for Cash
How to stretch your charitable dollar
by Hannah Lobel 

Stop the Presses
College newspapers in the crosshairs
by Kevin Featherly 

The Big Hurt
Pentagon scientists push the pain threshold with nonlethal weapons
by Hannah Lobel 

Flirting with Disaster
How to start preparing for the next natural catastrophe
by Laine Bergeson 

Plus: Who owns what of indie labels, Hillary watch, the top 10 green power programs, dancing in the streets, and more 

Mixed Media
The Fall and Rise of Farmer John
Ain’t nothing a contry boy can’t hack
by Joseph Hart 

Meet the New God
There’s a new breed of evangelical Christian in town
by Josie Rawson 

Six new magazines hit the shelves
by Chris Dodge 

Street Librarian
In praise of newsletters
Magazines for zedophiles
by Chris Dodge 

Music Reviews: The Fiddleheads, Robert Glasper, and more 

Book Reviews: Unreasonable women, the placebo effect, and more 

Film Reviews: Highway Courtesans, The Future of Food, and more 

If Not Winter, Then Wine
Beating the winter blues with booze
by Mona Awad, from Maisonneuve

The Pleasure Principle
Eat slowly, relish your food–and lose weight
by Marc David, from The Slow Down Diet

The Hundred-Mile Diet
One couple’s quest to survive on locally grown foods
by Alisa Smith and J.B. MacKinnon, from The Tyee

Night Train to Marrakech
Religious ideologies collide in the cramped quarters of a sleeper car
by Reza Aslan, from Killing the Buddha

From the Desk of H.W. Ross
The founding editor of The New Yorker takes on, well, everyone
from Stop Smiling

Give Me Death
A lawyer explains why his client volunteered to be executed
by John Blume, from Legal Affairs

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