Table of Contents: November-December 2010

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November-December 2010


25 Visionaries Who Are Changing Your World
by Utne Reader staff and contributors

The Body as Battlefield
Dale Phelps turned his bout with cancer into woodblock prints
from CR

Nothing Grows Forever
Meet the economists who are rewriting the gospel of consumption
by Clive Thompson, from Mother Jones

Living Like a Liberal
A conservative journalist tries to switch teams and fails hilariously
by Matt Labash, from The Weekly Standard

Thou Shalt Not Kill. Unless . . .
A Texas native stares down his state’s execution machine, one day at a time.
by Robert Leleux, from The Texas Observer

At Death’s Door
Sister Helen Prejean on America’s obsession with retribution
interview by David Cook, from The Sun


The Big Green Machine
Military vets work to end our dependence on fossil fuels
by Joseph D’Agnese, from OnEarth

Diplomacy in a Lab Coat
Scientists make peace
by Christine Grillo, from Johns Hopkins Public Health

The Great Desprawling Experiment
A Virginia town transforms into a livable community
by Jebediah Reed, from GOOD

Skin Deep
Civil rights struggles in Bolivian beauty pageants
by Wendy Dale, from mental_floss


Secret Liaisons in the Middle East
A gay writer’s eye-opening tour
by Michael Luongo, from The Gay & Lesbian Review

No Apologies
Instructions for visiting a murderer
by Madge McKeithen, from TriQuarterly

Hardscrabble Salvation
I learned my work ethic from watching my mother
by Joel Preston Smith, from In Good Tilth


Retiring Minds Ought to Know
Your working life is not over
by Michael Schrage, from the Harvard Business Review

Pray It Again . . . and Again
Spiritual life requires repetition
by Andrew Holecek, from book The Power and the Pain

Reduce, Reuse, Reform
Plastics pollute our landscapes and our bodies
by Marla Rose, from VegNews

The Watermelon Whisperer
The secret lives of ripe fruit
by David Feela, from Small Farmer’s Journal


Happy Birthday, Like It or Not
The song that we all know yet few of us love 
by Stefany Anne Golberg, from The Smart Set

Art in the Aspens
Beautiful Basque tree carvings
by Jane Braxton Little, from High Country News

Creole Copyright
Mardi Gras Indians own their looks
by Brittany Epps and Alex Rawls, from Offbeat

Music:A New Day, Return of the Century, Mirror
The Night of the Hunter, The Kids Grow Up, Neshoba
In Utopia, Small Acts of Resistance, Fish Tales


Editor’s Note
by David Schimke

Heartache and House Calls
by Eric Utne

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