Table of Contents: September-October 2005

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September-October 2005

Confessions of a Listener
Why does the creator of A Prairie Home Companion still love radio?
by Garrison Keillor, from The Nation

You Can’t Do That on Television
Why doesn’t abortion show up on the small screen anymore?
by Rachel Fudge, from Clamor

Good Life, Good Death

Good Life, Good Death
The only way to learn from the reaper is to accept he’s there
by Laine Bergeson 

Kickin’ It
Six Feet Under’s Alan Ball talks about grief and dying, American-style
interview by Anjula Razdan 

Death, the Upside
There wouldn’t be a beginning unless there was an end
by Bob Holmes, from New Scientist

To Live With No Regrets
Death is a transition for the dying–and for those left behind
by Nina Utne 

Some Parting Advice
Interest endures in the ancient tradion of writing “ethical wills”
by Paul O’Donnell, from Science & Spirit

At the Funeral
A satirist offers a bit of advice for the grief-stricken (and their imitators)
by Mark Twain, from Mark Twain’s Helpful Hints for Good Living

The Urban Green Revolution
Cities are the next environmental frontier
by Leif Utne 

Islands of Green
Ten projects point the way to a cleaner urban future
by Leif Utne 

The City After Oil
The modern metropolis is a cluster of smaller ecovillages waiting to happen
by Richard Register, from Common Ground

A Gentler War on Drugs
In photos from Northern Thailand, monks fight the narcotics trade on horseback
from Colors

Our Man in Baghdad
Veteran Middle East correspondent Robert Fisk talks about the war in Iraq
interview by David Barsamian, from The Progressive

The Art of War
Painter Steve Mumford publishes a Baghdad journal
by Anjula Razdan 

Life Outside the Green Zone
A young Iraqi woman blogs about everyday Baghdad
by Riverbend, from Baghdad Burning

The Reel Iraq
A new documentary challenges conventional takes on the war
by Anjula Razdan 

Guerilla Grocers
Urban innovators are bringing healthy food back to the city
by Andi McDaniel 

Uncle Sam Speaks Spanish
As recruitment numbers wane, the Pentagon targets young Latinos
by Roberto Lovato 

Scientific Salons
A British program invites citizens to debate contemporary science
by Lauria E. Locsmondy, from Pistil

Good Trekking
Adventure travelers go abroad carrying life-saving supplies
by Janelle Brown, from Natural Health

Bullish on Art
Good-bye Paris Salon. Hello Wall Street hedge fund.
by Joseph Hart 

Drama Queen
Michelle Hensley brings theater to the people, one shelter at a time
by Tim Gihring 

Scaling the Skyline
Parkour mixes urban athleticism with an appreciation for architecture
by Jaclyn Law, from This Magazine

Home Chemistry
Do you know what’s really in your cleaning products?
by Linda Mason Hunter and Mikki Halpin, from Green Clean

Take a Cotton to Organic
With natural linens, you and the planet can rest easier
by Stephen Yafa, from Natural Home & Garden

Friendly Blooms
Growing flowers organically is good for your health
by Ross Wehner 

Through the Grapevine
A vintner and his granddaughter bring their organic tradition to your table
by Augusta Dwyer, from Natural Food Network Magazine

Driven by Desire
An American woman tries to sell her Libyan husband on a new car
by Krista Bremer, from The Sun

Mannequin Appropriation Project
Clothes might not make the man, but they can change everything
by Chuck Klosterman, from The Believer

Ricardo’s Story
A homeless Uruguayan boy describes his life on the street
from New Internationalist

Laughter Scores
A composer shows us what our guffaws sound like
by Edward Jessen, from Cabinet

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