Table of Contents: September-October 2006

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September-October 2006


Want to Know What’s Really Going On? Ask a Comic
The reemergence of confrontational political humor
by David Schimke 

Timidity fueled by greed is killing off political cartoonists at daily newspapers

by Jack Lule, from Media Ethics

Asking a Mexican
Controversial columnist Gustavo Arellano talks about going on the offensive
by Steven Rovert Allen, from Alibi

You’ve Got Mail
Sending a Message
Young activists put their doubts and dreams into words
from Letters from Young Activists

Porn Culture
The XXX Factor
The culture of pornography is shaping our lives, for better and for worse
by Julie Hanus 

That’s Obscene!
Or is it? Why censoring evil does more harm than good
by Andrew Koppelman, from Dissent

Dear Candida
Porn advice from a feminist who revolutionized the industry
interview by Hannah Lobel 

Damage on Parade
As we shed our inhibitions, we’re shedding our humanity
by Charles Foran, from The Walrus

From the Mouths of Babes
The women of pornography on what the industry’s done for them and others
from Naked Ambition

Personal History
Both Sides of a Gun Barrel
Three generations of anger, a moment of rage
by D. Winston Brown, from Creative Nonfiction

Emerging Ideas
An Olympic Effort
How host city hopefuls can turn athletes’ quarters into affordable housing
by Violet Law, from Clamor

Fulla Flap
A Muslim Barbie has her own trendy accessories and cultural baggage
by Kate Cercone, from Bitch

Behind the Loom
The Rugmark Foundation works to keep kids out of the rug industry
by Hannah Lobel 

Playing with the Future
When it comes to innovation, work may be a thing of the past
by Leif Utne 

Plus: Coloring revolution, Gandhi’s 9/11, bargain basement brains, arctic slang, protecting the border, working mothers, easy riders, and more 

Mixed Media
Geeks at the Gig
High-tech gadgets get a backstage pass
by James Diers 

Reviews: Eccentric Soul, the Album Leaf, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, and more 

Treading New Ground
Brian Jungen injects mass-market goods with art museum appeal
by Kristen Mueller 

Blueprint for the Future
Envisioning architecture as a force for good
by Keith Goetzman 

Reviews: Books on adventure and madness, American pets, and more 

Reviews: Films on Burning Man, punk cultures, Brazilian music, and more 

Street Librarian
Dazzling, Amazing, Zesty
Magazines for zedophiles
by Chris Dodge 

Mindful Living
A Just Vacation
It’s not if ethical travelers have fun–it’s how
by Laine Bergeson 

A Pep Rally for Change
At Bioneers, scientists, environmentalists, and forward thinkers tend the grass roots
by Joe Hart 

Veggie Delight for Two
Websites that link vegetarian singles
by Moira Nordholt, from VegNews

Creating a Dynamic Duo
Why two heads are better than one
by Laine Bergeson 

Plus: The F-Word, food mischief, read label–save orangutan, and organic labeling and beyond 

Green Yogurt
A mother sees reflections of herself in her son’s food fetishes
by Elizabeth Roca, from Brain, Child

Tonight’s Agenda: _______
The Professional Porch Sitters convene for nothing in particular
by Crew Hollister, from Orion

Natty Man
A moment of elation, an unanswered question
by Jane Silcott, from Geist

Rudderless Voyage
A son guides his father on a final journey
by Alan Twigg, from subTerrain

Walking Home From Oak-Head
by Mary Oliver, from Thirst

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