Table of Contents: September-October 2010

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Table of Contents
September-October 2010


Food Fight

A newly unified “food movement” is poised to revolutionize the American diet

by Michael Pollan, from The New York Review of Books

In Praise of Fast Food

We need a culinary ethos that comes to terms with industrialized food

by Rachel Laudan, from the book The Gastronomica Reader

Waste Not, Want Not

That food you left on your plate really could feed the world

by Nicole Miller and Michael Penn, from Grow

The Rich Get Richer, the Poor Go Hungry

Starvation is often the result of inequity and politics, not a shortage of food

by Sharon Astyk and Aaron Newton, from the book A Nation of Farmers

The First Family’s Fallow Gardens

Michelle tends her garden, Barack loves up industrial agriculture

by Heather Rogers, from The American Prospect

Solitude and Leadership

A writer encourages a group of West Point plebes to practice introspection, concentration, and nonconformity

by William Deresiewicz, from The American Scholar

The Angry Monk

Zen practice stirs up energy and emotion, and it can be downright ugly

by Shozan Jack Haubner, from Buddhadharma

The Case for the Commons

This land is your land. Take it back!

by Raj Patel, from the book The Value of Nothing

The Science of Cooperation

A Nobel laureate on commons senseinterview
by Fran Korten, from Yes!

A New Political Dawn

We’re all in this together

by Jay Walljasper, from the book All That We Share


Sweatshops at Sea

How to improve human rights in Mexico

by Virginia Sole-Smith, from The Progressive

Lost in Translation

We don’t shape language, language shapes us

by Joan O’C. Hamilton, from Stanford

A Kosher Response to Poverty

Free New York restaurants for the Jewish poor

by Eleanor J. Bader, from The Brooklyn Rail


Peru’s Lovely Bones

Roberto Cabrera stands guard over the Ocucaje Desert

by Gregory Dicum, from Afar

On Being Fat and Running

Abandoning insecurity for a full life

by Brenton Dickieson, from Geez

Sentenced to Life

A man ages in prison and outlives society’s fears

by Kenneth E. Hartman, from Notre Dame


Men with Quilts

Prisoners piece together their lives

by Meribah Knight,
from American Craft

Give a (Young) Man a Fish

Mood disorders and omega-3s

by Kirsten Akens,
from the Colorado Springs Independent

In an Age of Eco-Uncertainty

The pleasures and perils of living green

by J.B. MacKinnon, from Explore

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Eat ‘Em

Chefs turn an invasive species into a delicacy
by Mike Sula, from the Chicago Reader


Dancing on the Page

Scripting a ballet is an art in itself

by Chris Tomlinson, from The Texas Observer

Open-Air Publishing

Broadsides turn poetry into guerrilla art

by Alex Dimitrov, from Poets & Writers

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Next Stop…SowetoThe Way OutMade The Harbor

Book reviews:
Moral GroundBye Bye, Miss American EmpireCarrier

Film reviews:
Favela On BlastThe OathAjami

Editor’s Note

True Stories

by David Schimke


Gathering a New Tribe

by Eric Utne 

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