A Farewell to Harp

By Staff
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Still reeling from <a title=”the loss of <I>No Depression</I>” href=”https://www.utne.com/2008-02-21/arts/another-music-mag-bites-the-dust.aspx” target=”_blank”>the loss of <i>No Depression</i>
</a>, music lovers suffered another blow last week when <i>Harp</i> magazine announced that it was shutting down after seven years of publishing. The <a title=”official statement” href=”http://www.harpmagazine.com/news/detail.cfm?article=12387″ target=”_blank”>official statement</a> on the magazine’s website cites the “decline of the music software industry, coupled with the consolidation of the consumer magazine newsstand business and rising paper and postage costs,” as reasons why it ceased publication.</p>
<p>The final issue, which arrived in the Utne library two weeks ago, contains a very funny dispatch from the world’s <a title=”longest running Beatles fan convention” href=”http://harpmagazine.com/articles/detail.cfm?article_id=6702″ target=”_blank”>longest running Beatles fan convention</a> in Las Vegas, and Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters <a title=”officially announced” href=”http://harpmagazine.com/articles/detail.cfm?article_id=6709″ target=”_blank”>officially announced</a> his campaign for president. They will be missed.</p>
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