Brothers Reunite in Song

One of the many intriguing Facebook pages we like to keep tabs on here at Utne Reader is called Mesmerizing Instruments and Sounds. We recently came across a post on their page about two Georgian brothers reuniting after not seeing each other for two years.

Here’s what the folks at Mesmerizing Instruments and Sounds had to say about the video:

I once stumbled across a simple video of some guys singing in a kitchen somewhere after a meal and I remembered that video ever since. There was something very sincere and true, profound and moving about it.

I was looking to find it back afterwards, without any result. Lost in the vast internet-ocean for good.
Some time ago though I received a message with someone proposing a video for this page. I clicked it very briefly to have a quick listen. It was a man singing in front of a piano and I remembered his voice immediately. I checked who had sent me the video and I recognized him as one of the singers of that lost video! I went through his videos and sure enough, the “kitchen video” was there. What are the odds!?

I asked him about that day and who he was singing with and this is what he told me:

“I was together with my friends and my brother that day. It was a very emotional moment because it was the first time that I could sing with my brother after no seeing him for two years. You can hear all these emotions in the music. The song is about the beauty of Georgia, it is called “Saqartvelo Lamazo “, we are singing in Georgian.”

Then I understood…

The brothers: Ucha Abuladze and Gocha Abuladze
For more please check Gocha’s artist site or Facebook.


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