A Steamy, Wonky Love Letter to Sean Hannity

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Over at NerveSteve Almond parses his desire for uberconservative pundit Sean Hannity, the “angry, engorged and totally hot” object of his affection. Almond acknowledges the flaws in Hannity’s character–“I find you, as a moral actor, repulsive,” he writes–but a few years after appearing on Hannity’s Fox News show, he just can’t shake his lingering fascination with the man. “[W]hile I find your demeanor shrill and brutish,” he writes, “I also find it strangely . . . alluring.”

[W]hen I appeared on your show I couldn’t see you. But I could hear you–loud and clear. And that’s what really captured me. The liberal in me was appalled by your hectoring. But the insecure male in me felt, I don’t know. . . ravaged is probably the best word. Within ten seconds, you were interrogating me. Within twenty, you were insulting me. Within thirty, you were disgusted. There was something so raw and personal about it all.

Check out the rest of the letter here, or revisit Almond’s treatises on candy barswriting about candy bars, and how to write a sex scene.  

(Thanks, Bookforum.)

Image by bobgo29, licensed under Creative Commons.

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