A Truly Green Museum Field Trip

How would you like to take a truly sustainable field trip and witness the best in environmental art from your own home? In Public Art Review, Allison Compton highlights the work of GreenMuseum.org, a now 8-year-old site that brings sustainable art to would-be museum-goers everywhere. You can explore a lengthy roster of artists and their work, catch up on the organization’s blog, or explore the toolbox of resources to make your own art. Compton spoke to founder and executive director Sam Bower, who offers his take on the importance of sustainable art:

“When we talk about sustainability we ought to think about what the earth will notice and appreciate. What would a watershed, worms, and robins think of an artwork? What about the materials that went into something and its carbon footprint and the potential long-term impacts (positive and negative) on people and the environment? Considering the nonhuman audience for art opens up the idea that everything we do is deeply interconnected and can affect the world around us.”

Source: Public Art Review

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