The Aztec Calendar: Knowledge of the Ancient Mexica Culture

Meet Sergio Magaña, a teacher and the bridge that links the ancient Mexica culture with its modern counterpart. His lesson helps define the end of the era of the Fifth Sun and the coming era of the Sixth in the Aztec calendar.

  • The Dawn of the Sixth Sun
    In “The Dawn of the Sixth Sun,” author and mystic Sergio Magaña (Ocelocoyotl) explains the relationship between subtle energy, astronomical phenomena and human consciousness related to the Aztec calendar.
    Cover Courtesy Blossoming Books
  • Center of the Flower
    Quetzalcoatl is a term that possesses several meanings, but in this context specifically signifies ‘the precious energy that has blossomed’.
    Illustration Courtesy Blossoming Books

  • The Dawn of the Sixth Sun
  • Center of the Flower

Is the world coming to an end in 2012? According to the Aztec calendar (different from the Mayan calendar), this is actually not the case. The Dawn of the Sixth Sun (Blossoming Books, 2012), by mystic and teacher of the Toltec/Aztec lineage Sergio Magaña (Ocelocoyotl), discloses an in-depth understanding of the Aztec calendar from a rich oral tradition. Magaña explains how the changing of the Suns will end one era and begin another with great opportunity for change in human consciousness. The following excerpt is taken from Chapter 1, “How Did It All Start? The Sowing of the Name…” 

Ni ye Ocelocoyotl
yah yac
yah xac”       

“I am Ocelocoyotl,
force and power.
I am a spring, and I emanate”

This greeting in the Nahuatl language contains words of power. My original name is Sergio Magaña, and since my youth I have been following a number of spiritual paths and have developed a number of healing techniques, which have turned out to be incredibly effective for thousands of people both in Mexico, my native country, and in other countries too, and which I have since shared with my students.

One day, a great Andean master told me something very beautiful, and later in my life he was proved totally right: “Although you may begin your spiritual awakening by following some other path, the one that is actually calling you is the voice of your land and tradition.” I therefore heeded my calling: I went to the sacred mountains of Mexico, Popocatapetl and Iztaccihuatl, where I made offerings based on the little knowledge that I had at the time of making offerings; there I requested permission to gain the knowledge of my own land and asked that the masters would come to me.

And so it happened. I came across my first master without searching for him: he appeared as one of my students, and it was only afterwards that he started to teach me. Thank you, Hugo, for your far-reaching vision! You recognised my path well before I did... and the others too appeared in the same way. After deepening my studies, I decided to step resolutely into this tradition, through ‘the sowing of the name’.

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Two failed cultures face each other across a national border. The priest-king Quetzalcoatl of the West was condemned to capital punishment for daring to speak of human potential, and now his "followers" to the north of that border embrace capital punishment. To the south, the priest-king had to flee for his life, enlightening other societies near and far. The killings resumed in Mexico, until the Spanish killers arrived to teach new ways of killing. Now some in the world hope for a positive shock to at last energize them, and the species, to avoid a (just) demise in the next few hundred years. We wish you well, knowing that, without that shock, your species is at an end.

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