The Aztec Calendar: Knowledge of the Ancient Mexica Culture

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In “The Dawn of the Sixth Sun,” author and mystic Sergio Magaña (Ocelocoyotl) explains the relationship between subtle energy, astronomical phenomena and human consciousness related to the Aztec calendar.
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Quetzalcoatl is a term that possesses several meanings, but in this context specifically signifies ‘the precious energy that has blossomed’.

Is the world coming to an end in 2012? According to the Aztec calendar (different from the Mayan calendar), this is actually not the case. The Dawn of the Sixth Sun (Blossoming Books, 2012), by mystic and teacher of the Toltec/Aztec lineage Sergio Magaña (Ocelocoyotl), discloses an in-depth understanding of the Aztec calendar from a rich oral tradition. Magaña explains how the changing of the Suns will end one era and begin another with great opportunity for change in human consciousness. The following excerpt is taken from Chapter 1, “How Did It All Start? The Sowing of the Name…”

Ni ye Ocelocoyotl
yah yac
yah xac”       

“I am Ocelocoyotl,
force and power.
I am a spring, and I emanate”

This greeting in the Nahuatl language contains words of power. My original name is Sergio Magaña, and since my youth I have been following a number of spiritual paths and have developed a number of healing techniques, which have turned out to be incredibly effective for thousands of people both in Mexico, my native country, and in other countries too, and which I have since shared with my students.

One day, a great Andean master told me something very beautiful, and later in my life he was proved totally right: “Although you may begin your spiritual awakening by following some other path, the one that is actually calling you is the voice of your land and tradition.” I therefore heeded my calling: I went to the sacred mountains of Mexico, Popocatapetl and Iztaccihuatl, where I made offerings based on the little knowledge that I had at the time of making offerings; there I requested permission to gain the knowledge of my own land and asked that the masters would come to me.

And so it happened. I came across my first master without searching for him: he appeared as one of my students, and it was only afterwards that he started to teach me. Thank you, Hugo, for your far-reaching vision! You recognised my path well before I did… and the others too appeared in the same way. After deepening my studies, I decided to step resolutely into this tradition, through ‘the sowing of the name’.

It is only Mother Earth who can give us a Nahuatl name, and this name is based upon the influences present at birth and what is indicated in the calendar. This is how we are introduced to all the energies, or ‘essences’-as we call them-of ancient Mexico, and to the community as well, so that they are able to recognize us by our new name. It is like a new birth and a new destiny, which is why I shall no longer refer to anything I did before this day, as it was at this juncture that my new life commenced.

On 21 December 2010 various cosmic influences manifested simultaneously: the winter solstice, a full moon and an eclipse, and for we followers of the Mexihcahyotl (The pre-Hispanic tradition of Mexico, which corresponds to Aztecs and Toltecs) it was also the celebration of the birth of Huitzilopochtli, the ‘hummingbird that flies to the left’, which through its messages in the lucid dreaming state would guide the Mexicas (Mexihcah in the Nahuatl language) to become the greatest empire across the whole of ancient Mexico. Huitzilopochtli is the energy that rules the Southern direction in the waking state world; it is this energy that removes all thorny obstacles from the path, and bestows the strength to persevere and bring all projects to fruition.

For me, however, this day was even more special: it represented the culmination of my constant quest for the knowledge of ancient Mexico. My master Xolotl sowed a Nahuatl name in me, and presented me to the energies and the cardinal points. I therefore received new responsibilities and a new name that I had to honour, Ocelocoyotl (coyote jaguar), given to me by Tonantzin Coatlicue, the ancient Mother Earth of Mexico City, whose old name was Tenochtitlan.

That day I asked that all thorny obstacles to the spread of the truth of the ancient knowledge of this land be removed, and I asked to acquire the necessary willpower to accomplish such a task; from that moment on two mixed energies started to coexist inside me, as it says in the prophecy: “melted metal in clay pots”. My parents, who attended the ceremony, presented me with a gift, a very ancient book that my mother had obtained from her father, who was of Spanish descent: The True History of the Conquest of New Spain by Bernal Diaz Del Castillo.

Inside the book my mother wrote a dedication that deeply moved me, and which further clarified the very purpose of my life, of my history and quest, and it is this that I now wish to share with all my readers, because it contains the essence of the book that you are holding in your hands:

Sergio Ocelocoyotl, you are the blend of two races.

Today we present you with this book, which we have guarded for many years: we put into your hands one of the two parts of which you are made. The other, which represents the true history of our ancestors, our forefathers of the great Mesoamerican culture, that part shall be your task to write, together with others, truthfully, with pride and with passion, so that it becomes known in every corner of the world. 

Be proud to be the outcome of this blend: you are part of the so-called ‘cosmic race’ that shall shine like the sun over our land of Anáhuac.

May today mark the start of a new life for you.

Your parents, 21 December 2010“.

These words remained etched in my spirit: to write truthfully, with pride and with passion, one part of that ancient knowledge which belongs to this land so sacred to me. In this book you will not come across a single word stemming from official or academic sources of knowledge, instead you will find the spoken word, the ‘flowers and chants’ of the guardians of the Toltec and Mexica traditions, which they handed down from father to son, from master to disciple, according to Cuauhtémoc’s prophecy: this knowledge is profound poetry, the practice of the sacred oral tradition called mah toteotahtzin mitsmopieli, ‘the tale of our Venerable Land’.

My mother’s writing was pointing to something that had been prophesized to me by my master Hugo Nahui some five years earlier. He said to me that his own master Esteban had in turn prophesized that the Mexica wisdom would spread across the world following the eclipse of 11 July 2010, and that teachers from our tradition would go and teach in Europe, starting from Italy, as that was Columbus’ birthplace and the seat of Catholicism.

The type of order that had been established in the Americas at the time of the conquistadors (the conquerors) and which resulted in so much suffering and destruction, had in a sense originated from there. The conquistadors, not to mention the rest of Europe in those days, were not prepared to listen to our ancient wisdom, so the next available opportunity for momentous change-which is actually available right now-ought to start from there as well, and would constitute the opportunity to heal that past. Hugo told me that I would be one of those teachers, and I did not believe him at all: it was not something I was looking to achieve in my life, so I just kept practising our tradition for my own benefit and the benefit of my students in Mexico.

But in May 2010 I received an invitation to go to Hawaii to give a lecture on healing at a conference on Andean traditions, and it was actually there that this prophecy, which in turn is based on more ancient ones, as you will read in the next chapter, started to unfold and provoked a huge change in my life. It was at this conference that I started to receive invitations to teach in other parts of the world, and especially-and quite unexpectedly- in Italy, just as Hugo had foreseen.

The purpose of this book is to reveal for the first time this oral tradition by showing its authenticity, and thus put an end to many distorted interpretations: it will first appear, oddly enough, not in Mexico and in the Spanish language, but in Italy and in Italian! Only afterwards, with the coming of the Sixth Sun, will it be published in other countries, in their respective languages. 2012 is a date engraved both in the tzolkin, the Mayan calendar, which everyone is now familiar with, and in the cuauhxicalli, the lesser-known Toltec-Mexica calendar: both calendars were created in Mexico, but the majority of people who wrote about them only had partial access to this tradition, or decided to add their own interpretation. Often, therefore, what they wrote would significantly differ from the oral transmission of the guardians of the tradition, my Mexica masters Xolotl and Hugo Nahui, and as such you will be amazed at the differences between the contents of this book and others that you may already be familiar with.

I personally feel like a bridge that links the ancient Mexica culture with its modern counterpart, given that both are part of my blood, and the latter is represented by my Spanish heritage. My deepest aspiration in writing this book is to establish an authentic bridge so that you too can taste this ancient Mexica wisdom: as the prophecy says, this wisdom must be disseminated right now, so that we all can understand what is going on at this crucial time, in this transition from the Fifth to the Sixth Sun, when according to this ancient training we must transform ourselves into our Quetzalcoatl.

Is this going to be the end of the world? Or will it be the end of one world?

What is the real meaning of this passage from the Fifth to the Sixth Sun, and how can we prepare for it? What will be the consequences of either acting, or of not acting?

I would hereby like to pay a special tribute to all my masters, Xolotl, Hugo Nahui and others like Xochicuauhtli, who gave me some extraordinary initiations, and to many others who have deeply touched my life with their wisdom, including those who do not wish to be named. I also wish to pay tribute to their own masters, in this vast lineage of teachers and teachings. They are the true authors of this book, and I pray to all the masters who reside in the Mictlan, the ‘place of the dead’, to support me in this task of sharing-most authentically and to the best of my abilities-the ancient wisdom of Anáhuac, so that it may blossom again in all its beauty and perfection in those who wish to follow it and put it into practice. They will become their own Quetzalcoatl, a term that possesses several meanings, but that in this context specifically signifies ‘the precious energy that has blossomed’.

This excerpt has been reprinted with permission from 2012-2021, The Dawn of the Sixth Sun: The Path of Quetzalcoatl, published by Blossoming Books, 2012.

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