Breast in Show

By Staff
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Breast-inspired craft projects aren’t just about décolletage and irony. Beryl Tsang custom-knits soft, cuddly prosthetic breasts for women who’ve had mastectomies, and a hospital in Liverpool uses “woolly breasts” to teach new mothers about breastfeeding.

The Nipple Project has joined the fray, encouraging crafters to submit “a handmade artistic interpretation of your nipple or of someone’s nipple you love.” The gallery of submissions it has received thus far is pretty cool–nipple aesthetes from far and wide have sent in quite an array of specimens (including one made from a gourd!). The project’s coordinators, Jennifer Baylis and Andrea Dominguez, were called to action after seeing an ad for a bra that emphasized “maximum nipple coverage.”

This bra epitomizes the eradication and androgenization of the nipple. We find this ironic in an era where breast augmentation is done in order to gain amore feminine look. So we wanted to reclaim our natural femininity and counter this strange phenomenon.

(Thanks, Women’s Health News.)

Danielle Maestretti

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