Calling All Bumper Sticker Artistes

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Good magazine is asking its readers to join the ranks of artistic politicos and get creative for the cause. Reviving a project the magazine started for the 2006 midterm elections, Good is soliciting original bumper sticker designs incorporating the word “vote.” Why bumper stickers? “From ‘My child is an honor student’ to ‘Support our troops,’ Americans have been using their cars to get messages out for a long time,” writes Good. “And if you’ve ever been stuck in traffic, you’ve had time to contemplate quite a few messages being broadcast from the SUV in front of you. This project is simple: a bumper sticker. The message is simpler: vote.”

Here’s a sampling of submissions from 2006 and the current project:

Amy Martin, 2008

Gary Holmes, 2008

not attributed, 2006

Steven Blumenthal, 2006

Gabriel Avenna, 2006

Images courtesy of Good.

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