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    Celebrating Guitar Virtuoso Sharon Isbin



    PBS documentary and 5-CD box set celebrate the career of classic guitar virtuoso Sharon Isbin. 


    Sharon Isbin is widely regarded as one of the foremost guitar players in the world. Though she’s primarily known as a classical guitarist, she’s collaborated with and cultivated the respect of musicians from numerous genres outside the classical genre.


    To celebrate her extraordinary career thus far, American Public Television will be premiering the documentary Sharon Isbin: Troubadour on public television stations throughout the United States now through March. Warner Classics has also released a 5-CD box set with music from the film, Sharon Isbin: 5 Classic Albums, and the DVD/Blu-ray of the documentary will be released in March by Video Artists International. Here is the trailer for the documentary and a brief Q&A with Isbin that offers some additional insight into a remarkable musician.