Make Your Own Subversive Graffiti

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Have a shocking, injustice-exposing statistic that you want to share with your neighborhood? Thanks to arty designer Golan Levin, it’s now easier than ever. That is, if you’re willing to put on a black stocking-cap and go spray paint your activist data onto private property.

Levin created a downloadable, customizable stencil called “Infoviz” that resembles a pie chart-style infographic. Infoviz comes with an adjustable dial (to change the pie graph’s percentage) and an alphabet (to say what you need to say). Although the stencil is meant to be laser cut from a piece of acrylic, at a minimum you’ll need a large piece of cardboard, a bolt and wing-nut set, and some scotch tape. Then you can get all Banksy on that new Pew study.

(Thanks, Good.)

Images courtesy of Golan Levin.

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