Dancing Bears

By Staff

<p>Pop culture thrives on novelty, and the concept of the “dancing bear,” outmoded since the demise of vaudeville and carnivals, requires an update. Enter Bearforce1, the world’s “first bear band,” from the gay subculture where men take pride in their great physical size, their manliness, and, most importantly, their hairiness.</p>
<p>This community may now have solved our dancing bear deficit with its own musical representative: The band’s members are straight outta the Netherlands, and you can experience their sound, their fun-loving message, and their chest hair on their <a href=”http://www.bearforce1.nl/”>website</a>.</p>
<p>I’ve heard some object that Bearforce1 are “not that hairy,” but people have also said I “can’t dance.” Bearforce1’s music can at least disprove the latter objection. Now excuse me while I get up on this.</p>
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