UtneCast 24: David Lynch on Moviemaking and Meditation

By Staff
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 UtneCast 24: David Lynch on Moviemaking and Meditation:
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In this week’s feature interview, guest David Lynch, famed director of such dark masterpieces as Blue Velvet, Wild at Heart, Mulholland Drive, and most recently Inland Empire, joins host Leif Utne to discuss his creative process, how he became a filmmaker, and the influence meditation has had on his life and art. The May/June issue of Utne Reader features an article excerpted from Lynch’s recent book Catching the Big Fish.

For 33 years, Lynch has practiced daily Transcendental Meditation, which he believes has the power to reduce stress, improve health, and promote world peace. And he is putting his money behind that belief, helping to fund research on the use of meditation in schools, as well as the social ripple effects meditation can have on society.

Music Review: Keith Goetzman takes a look at the new album from Canadian alt-rockers Apostle of Hustle.

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