Everyone Who Reads This Takes a Drink

By Staff


I’ve never played a drinking game, so I was glad to stumble upon <a title=”this humorous guide to playing them in the <I>Portland Mercury</I>” href=”http://www.portlandmercury.com/portland/Content?oid=525182&category=525146″ target=”_blank”>this humorous guide to playing them in the Portland<em> Mercury</em>
</a> before my ignorance brought shame upon my family (and alumni association). The piece is a fun introduction to a culture that I still don’t understand, but got a kick out of learning about.  

<p>Watch out for my favorite game, “I am Spartacus,” which, to my surprise, in no way involves taking body shots out of someone’s Kirk Douglas-like dimpled chin.</p>
<p>–<a title=”Jason Ericson” href=”https://www.utne.com/bios/utne-reader-interns.aspx” target=”_self”>
<i>Jason Ericson</i>

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