Guerrilla Theaters Drive In

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Without tickets, concessions, or a traditional screen, guerilla drive-ins retain a 1950s drive-in nostalgia without a lot less consumerism. According to Toronto’s Spacing magazine, guerilla drive-in theaters are reclaiming public spaces and screening films on the sides of buildings from Maine to Oregon, and even in Norway.

The participants don’t bother with permits or screening rights for the movies, but so far, the Guerilla Drive-In Victoria hasn’t had any problems with the law. A representative from the Santa Cruz, California, collective told Weekend Edition‘s Scott Simon that the police once shut down a screening, but participants just picked up and moved to another location.

For more information, the website Instructables has detailed instructions of how to set up your own guerilla drive-in.

Image by Eric Lewis, licensed under Creative Commons.

Sources: Spacing(article not available online), Weekend Edition, Instructables

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