Handmade Nation: Coming to a Town Near You

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D.I.Y. pioneer cum documentary filmmaker Faythe Levine may be passing through your town screening her new film, Handmade Nation. The documentary, which began shooting in 2006, follows Levine over 19,000 miles to capture the new wave of art, craft and design happening all over the U.S. The film drops in on art spaces, punk rock craft fairs and even some crafters’ homes, in an effort to corral the recent surge in handmade wares into a powerful movement that reflects the evolving ethos behind D.I.Y. culture.

Levine created the film in conjunction with her book, Handmade Nation: The Rise of D.I.Y., Art, Craft, Design, which she co-wrote with the film’s producer, Cortney Heimerl.

Check out the trailer below and find out if there is a screening coming to your area.

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