Video Premiere: Hayward Williams – “Under Control”

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Utne Reader is proud to premiere the video for “Under Control” by singer-songwriter Hayward Williams, which is from his new album The Reef.

Anxiety is a difficult challenge for anyone, but it’s especially tough for those who make their living putting themselves in anxiety-producing situations. Singer-songwriter Hayward Williams is one of those people, and his latest album, The Reef, is his way of coming to grips with anxiety and how he’s going to continue to live his life and make his music.

After a particularly debilitating panic attic in an airport while on tour, Williams decided enough was enough and he sought treatment. Thanks to therapy and anti-anxiety medication, he’s been able to keep the acute symptoms of anxiety in check, but not without needing to find a new creative approach to writing and performing his songs. It was with that in mind that Williams wrote the songs on The Reef, using his soulful voice to work through the thoughts and emotions behind his decision to wrestle back control of his life from the grips of anxiety.

One of those songs is “Under Control.” “I was on an Australian/New Zealand tour when I wrote ‘Under Control,'” says Williams. “When you’re down there you’re constantly reminded that you’re far away from home. There were also a few things up in the air in my life that needed to land in the right place. Mix that up and you get the bones of the song I guess.The video captures those feelings perfectly. I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out.”

The Reef is out now

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