Film Review: Cold Silence

<p>At a remote Russian Arctic weather station, two men–a novice and his older, grizzled comrade–toil away on telemetry reports. One day, the younger man learns devastating news that would shatter the life of his companion. But rather than divulge the truth, he conceals it, spinning this intimate tale of generational rifts into an epic story about mistrust, survival, and, ultimately, reconciliation. While the filmmaking–which includes lengthy shots of beautifully barren landscapes–might feel slow-going, it lifts the story from its eerie, earthly environs to more captivating metaphysical heights.</p>
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</a>This article first appeared in the May-June 2011 issue of <a title=”Utne Reader” href=”″ target=”_blank”>Utne Reader</a>.</p>

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