How to Fix America: First, Correct the Typos

By Staff
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Now here’s a mission I’ll happily support: Two grammar nerds are traveling across the country, cleaning up America’s mistakes one typo at a time. It’s the Typo Hunt Across America!

Armed with high-powered markers in many colors, and some seriously potent white-out, Jeff Deck and various punctuation-minded friends log their progress in each city with lively blog posts at Deck’s Typo Eradication Advancement League website. They’re out to fix as many typos in signs, posters, and restaurant menus as they possibly can, sometimes working with business owners to rectify an errant apostrophe or an unfortunate misspelling. Some fixes look pretty good, like this much-needed apostrophe addition from Los Angeles, CA (one of 79 typos Jeff and his pal Jeremy corrected that day):

That has to be good for business. People sure are passionate about their grammatical pet peeves.

(Thanks, Next American City.)

Danielle Maestretti

Images courtesy of Jeff Deck.

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