How to Find That Book You've Spent Years Looking For

Between libraries, the web, and rare book stores, near-forgotten books are easier than ever to find.

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Searching for a book you remember reading as a child, college student, or happy dropout, but haven't seen anywhere since? On the Web, there are now numerous ways to expand your hunt beyond Amazon. Abebooks is a consortium that connects you to thousands of used-book stores around the world. Another search site is the Berkeley-based You can also search a growing number of individual stores online, including the Portland-based Powells and Bolerium Books in San Francisco, which specializes in rare books on labor issues and radical history.

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Meanwhile, your local library can be a great help, too, thanks to a practice called interlibrary loan. Libraries across the country will lend you books and other materials, creating a vast collection that's easy for you to access. Here's how: If you don't find what you're looking for in your library's catalog, ask a librarian to locate it elsewhere in the huge national loan network. Tell the pros as much about the book as you can. Title and author are most important, but publisher and publication date (or even a good guess at it) can be helpful too. They'll do the rest.

4/18/2021 7:12:18 PM

Hi im looking for a book anout a female lead she goes overseas to like london area its a murder mystery i believe and also its got a sugar skull on the front and the main character has a nick name that starts with the letter b i have been looking for like 4 years and still nothing

Ray Ray
4/17/2021 7:09:53 PM

I read a book in middle school about a young girl who's mother was a junkie and I believed abandoned her, she had to move in with an old lady, the young girl became friends with a boy who went to the same school as her and lived pretty close. That boys father was secretly kept in someone's house and taken care of because he had aids. This was back when people didn't really understand aids, when it got out everyone at the school bullied the boy. I dont remember much about it but it was an old book, please help!

4/16/2021 6:07:02 PM

Help! I read a book in middle school about a young man (maybe a boy) that discovers a village of old school/traditional people. They are almost culty. as they perform rituals when children "come of age". I remember so little, but I'm dying to read it again. I don't know how he came across these people. but they take him in and essentially won't let him leave. I remember something about mountains being either in the title or important to the story - I can visualize in my head that they perhaps live at the base of a mountain, and (Spoiler Alert, maybe) that civilization is just on the other side of the mountain. PLEASE HELP!!