In Quotes: Banning Bloggers’ Books, the Origin of Wealth, and Yeasty Catholics

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“The dollar isn’t the basic economic unit. It’s sunlight. It’s all sunlight: we’re made of sunlight: every dollar paid across for steak and broccoli, and every mile traveled in an SUV, is translatable from calories of incident solar radiation on the planet, origin of wealth, origin of economic goods, stored as petroleum, stored as sugar.”

–Louis B. Jones, “Table Talk,” from the Threepenny Review

“If we can ban visitors as threats to public safety, could we not also ban books as dangers to public sanity? . . . Might we not indeed go further and implement a general prohibition on bloggers writing books?”

–Stephen Howe, “Blog Standard,” from New Humanist (not yet available online)

“Some might wonder why one should bother to save Catholic institutions. Perhaps the time has come to abandon bricks-and-mortar Catholicism and live the faith by blending like yeast into the secular society.”

–Daniel P. Sulmasy, “Then There Was One: The unraveling of Catholic health care,” from America

“Call yourself color-blind if you like, but it’s mighty white of you.”

–Roy Blount, Jr., “Preposterous Lengths,” from Oxford American (not yet available online)

Sources: Threepenny Review, New Humanist, America, Oxford American

Image by pam calvert, licensed under Creative Commons.

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