In Quotes: Political Ornithologists, Stones Fans, and an Aging Pop Star in Cairo

“In the run-up to the war in Iraq, liberal hawks were so close to neoconservative hawks that only an expert political ornithologist could distinguish between the species.” 

–Alan Wolfe, “Empty Nest: The Demise of a Species” from World Affairs (Winter 2009)

“So what’s the difference between Beatles and Stones fans? ‘Stones fans party a little more. They’re hung over every day.’ He thinks a moment. ‘Stones fans also don’t want to hear anything about the Beatles.'”

–Jack Boulware, “Now They’re Sixty-Four” from Fray (#2)

“There are few things as unattractive as the rich talking about the joys of saving money.”

–Alex Renton, “Matters of Taste” from Prospect (January 2009)

“I was in Cairo, trying desperately to interview the aging pop star Ahmed Adaweya, whose penis, depending on whom you talk to, was or was not cut off by Saudi royalty.”

–Anand Balakrishnan, “Naguib Mahfouz’s White Linen Suit” from Bidoun (#14)

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