Indie Films Hit the Road

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Todd Sklar is <a title=”hitting the road like a rock star” href=”” target=”_blank”>hitting the road like a rock star</a>. But instead of churning out guitar riffs, Sklar is entertaining audiences on his 22-city fall tour with screenings of four indie films, including his own debut feature, <i>
<a title=”Box Elder” href=”” target=”_blank”>Box Elder</a>
<p>The films on tour were all well received on the festival circuit but not widely distributed. Sklar hopes his new distribution model will help put the films before audiences that appreciate them but might otherwise not have access to them. As <a title=”<EM>Anthem</EM> points out” href=”″ target=”_blank”>
<em>Anthem</em> points out</a>, when Picturehouse and Warner Independent Films recently closed up shop, it didn’t bode well for the future of indie distribution. But <i>Anthem</i> thinks Sklar’s “proactive search for a sustainable distribution model may very well prove to be the shining beacon of light that independent filmmakers are looking for.”</p>
<p>In addition to <i>Box Elder</i>, the tour is bringing <i>
<a title=”On the Road with Judas” href=”” target=”_blank”>On the Road with Judas</a>
</i>, <i>
<a title=”Registered Sex Offender” href=”” target=”_blank”>Registered Sex Offender</a>
</i>, and <i>
<a title=”In Memory of My Father” href=”” target=”_blank”>In Memory of My Father</a>
</i> to cities and college towns across the country. Find the full schedule <a href=””>here.</a>

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