You Love the Television Show, Now Read the Book

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Writer Natasha Vargas-Cooper has just published a book called Mad Men Unbuttoned, which serves as a set of spiffy annotations to the lauded television show. The Paris Reviewasked Vargas-Cooper a few questions, and she gave some snappy answers, as is her wont. When asked why Mad Men inspires such frothing-at-the-mouth praise, she remarked:

We’re watching the foundation of our modern taste come together–that’s fascinating! The show lends itself to a gleeful analysis. Its use of culture is deliberate. References to pop culture or politics aren’t thrown in to be cute or suggestive, but to enhance the themes of the show or our understanding of the characters. I think the audience appreciates not being treated like a mope so they get jazzed about it.

Source: The Paris Review

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