Meat Bone Tea and Other Delights

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If we had not already published our eight best cities for street food article, we’d have to seriously consider finding a way to include Malaysia’s meat bone tea.

In the Spring 2009 issue of Utne Independent Press Award nomineeMeatpaper, Robyn Eckhardt traces the roots of this “seductive combination of tender pork meat, stomach and intestines, and fragrant broth that varies from mild and meaty to unmistakably medicinal.”

Meat bone tea, or bak kut, Eckhardt writes, “is comfort food of the first order, with an appetite-rousing aroma and luxurious amounts of fatty meat unfettered by vegetable distractions.”

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For more Meatpapervisit their website. Nothing from the current issue is online just yet, but there’s plenty to read and look at just the same.

Source: Meatpaper

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