Memorial Day Weekend Reading from Utne Daily

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Note to Atheists: Be More Funny: Religious fundamentalists and modern atheists have something in common: Neither one can take a joke.

Anti-Semitism and the Financial Crisis: A recent Stanford study asked the question: “How much to blame were the Jews for the financial crisis?”

Chevron Thinks You Could Do More: When we named Tzeporah Berman one of Utne Reader’s 50 Visionaries, she told us that it’s essential to transition from hyping individual green actions to pushing for large-scale, legislative change. Guess Chevron didn’t get the message.

The World’s Cutest Bento Art: Feast your eyes on Makiko Ogawa’s adorable bento, which is almost too cute to eat.

Brian Mock Makes Amazing Art from Junk: Brian Mock  creates amazing sculptures from 100% recycled materials (discarded Xerox machines, sewing machines, clocks, tractors, escalators, garden tools, etc.). Lots of folks use recycled materials in their artwork, but few do it in such a refined manner.

Recycle Your Bicycle Wheels in the Garden: Organic Gardening just made this bicycle geek smile: The May 2009 issue includes simple instructions on how to convert old bike wheel rims into a support for climbing garden plants.

Dark Days for University Presses and Journals: Some of the most prestigious university journals and presses are on the chopping block, all in the name of preserving “core” academics. But what, asks Ted Genoways, defines an academic core?

Punctuation Mark News: Meet the Interrobang!: What if there were a way to merge the exlamation point and the quotation mark? You’re in luck.

Sex Workers Respond to Craigslist: After considerable political wrangling, Craigslist recently announced that it was getting rid of its “erotic” services section. Instead, the website will have an “adult” services section with a more stringent screening process and a $10 fee. The sex workers who have come to rely on Criagslist for their livelihood have been largely absent from this conversation.

Netanyahu to Obama: Yoou’ll Love this Book About Arab Savages: If Barack Obama ever reads that book Benjamin Netanyahu gave him, he’ll be horrified.

100 Things Everyone Should Know About Russia: You can almost see it from here, but Russia remains an enigma to many Americans, easily reduced to crude caricatures. Start filling in the Ural-sized gaps in your knowledge.

Image courtesy of Makiko Ogawa.

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