A New Peace Symbol



Here’s an image worth posting on Facebook, putting on a t-shirt, or sticking on a bumper.

“Free as a Man,” created by Serbian artist Predrag Stakic, is the winner of an online competition conducted by the Human Rights Logo Initiative, which is on a mission to make the design an internationally recognized symbol for human rights.

An initial call for entries went out in May and kicked-up 15,000 submissions from more than 190 countries. After a healthy period for public comment, a jury made up of 36 designers, human rights advocates, and concerned politicians from around the world chose 10 finalists.

Because the aim of the initiative—which was supported by a host of supporters and partners, including Google, Typo London, and Cinema for Peace—was to create an image “by people for people,” the logo is an open source product, free for use without restrictions.


Jerrine Verkaik
10/18/2011 12:44:47 PM

How could anyone be so blind to gender discrimination and sexism as to name a supposedly inclusive human rights logo "Free as a MAN"? Astonishing!

steve eatenson
10/18/2011 6:17:32 AM

Nice comment John Skuja. I was 18 in '65. Right there with you guy!

John Skuja
10/17/2011 2:36:48 PM

This is something that has been needed for a long time. The 60's Peace Symbol has become outdated and I frankly am tired of seeing it on tee shirts being worn by 20 somethings as a fashion statement. That symbol came out of a time when we were being drafted for service and killed by the thousands in a War called Viet Nam. I was 17 in '65 and saw how that symbol came to represent a struggle by people in this country and other countries to end the madness in South East Asia. It should not be remembered as a symbol of the carefree, drug laced, sexual revolution that people perceive was the 60's, but as a symbol of the struggle for peace which brought tens of thousands of people together. This new symbol is so powerful, I hope that it is adopted by every movement for human rights and true political freedom all over the world. The design came from a part of the world that has known war and the struggle for peace, and as such it has all the more meaning. All of our leaders have dropped the cover of their true allegiance, that of the corporate world. It is now up to the people of this planet, those who suffer the outrage of the greed of the 1% to rally around and finally say no to the madness. This symbol is a great rally cry, "Freedom Now"

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