A Pint for Their Troubles

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David Gothard / www.davidgothard.com

It’s a fair guess that doing a good deed never had such a rich taste and crisp, satisfying finish.

The Oregon Public House, a new nonprofit in the Portland neighborhood of Woodlawn, will serve up microbrews and food and donate the profits to local charities of the beer lovers’ choice.

Reporting on the venture, Portland’s Neighborhood Notes (Oct. 12, 2010) says that Portland has more brewpubs and nonprofits per capita than any other U.S. city. “Why not connect these two strengths,” Public House organizer Ryan Saari asks the blog-driven news site, “and make it easy for people to support two passions at once?”

The idea grew out of Saari’s church, the Oregon Community, which sought to launch a nonprofit business that would support other local nonprofits.

“The brewpub idea stuck, for the simple fact that pub culture is family-friendly and community-oriented–a great environment in which to reach a broad spectrum of people and connect through the spirit of giving,” explains Neighborhood Notes.

The church and pub are separate entities linked by a common mission. The pub, to be housed in a historic local building, will hold regular community nights and a yearly “change the world” week when nonprofits can raise awareness about what they do.

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