Papa Knows Hoops

By Staff
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This year’s NCAA basketball tournament was so riveting, what with its history-making Final Four and subsequent upsets, it even drew Ernest Hemingway’s posthumous attention. Blogging as Papa Hemingway for McSweeney’s, John Frank Weaver recently predicted which teams would proceed to the Elite Eight, based solely on the teams’ presumptive prowess in battle. Weaver is hilariously pitch-perfect in emulating Hemingway’s macho, bellicose style when describing Duke’s coach, Mike Krzyzewski: “He can lead men to war. Men would gladly die for him. They would run over barbed wire. They would charge into a battery of machine guns. They would limp toward a field of death on his word.” As it turns out, Papa (Weaver) knows college hoops. His only misstep was favoring the Hoyas over the now-victorious Jayhawks.

 —Morgan Winters

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