Photos of the Tavern as Communal Gathering Place

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In a fantastic photo essay in Wisconsin People & Places, Photographer Carl Corey documents Wisconsin’s taverns and bars, many of which, Corey tells us, have recently closed.  Corey’s goal with the project is “to document for tomorrow the Wisconsin tavern as it is today.”  He sees the increasing amount of closures of these places as a side effect of our becoming “more physically isolated through the accelerated use of mobile phones, PDAs, e-mail and online social media networks.”

For Corey, the local tavern is more than just a watering hole; it’s a communal space where people gather to talk about the news of the day, but more importantly it’s a place where people connect with other people in their community.  “These mostly family-owned bars,” Corey writes, “are also unique micro-communities, providing a sense of belonging to their patrons.  Many of these bars are the only public gathering place in the rural communities they serve.”  Corey’s full collection of tavern photos are available on his website.

Source: Wisconsin People & Places(Complete photo essay only available in print edition)

Images by Carl Corey

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